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Superman presented a report on counter-terrorism at the Mediterranean Assembly

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    The Member of Parliament and Special Rapporteur on the fight against terrorism and organized crime Rita Theodorou Superman presented her report entitled “Terrorism and Criminal Threats Affecting the Mediterranean Region”

    Her report with title “Terrorism.”and Criminal Threats affecting the Mediterranean region” was presented by the Member of Parliament and Special Rapporteur on the fight against terrorism and organized crime Rita Theodorou Superman before the Plenary of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean as part of the work of the organization's 18th Annual General Assembly, in Braga .

    According to an announcement by the House of Representatives, Mrs. Theodorou Superman outlined the new trends in the terrorist threat facing the KSM region, which, as she said, are influenced by international political developments and manifestations of international organized crime.

    “The Special Rapporteur pointed out that the victimsacts of terrorism are increasing globally as terrorist groups increase their operational capability and expand their penetration into societies, through the internet and the use of artificial intelligence applications and other technologically advanced methods to recruit their followers and plan their attacks” , is mentioned.

    The Cypriot Member of Parliament, it is added, referred to the precarious situation created in the region after the terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel, the Houthi attacks against cargo ships, which affect international shipping, the terrorist attack in Moscow, as well as areas of high danger based on United Nations data, such as the Sahel, where terrorists take advantage of political instability, a region that accounts for more than fifty percent of the total number of victims of terrorism worldwide.

    Ms. Superman, the statement continued, noted that significant work is being produced through transnational and international cooperation, which is necessary to effectively address the ever-evolving terrorist threat, stressing that counterterrorism policies must evolve. and adapt to meet new challenges.

    The relevant manuals of the United Nations Office, with which the UNSC has excellent cooperation, said Ms. Superman, provide states with guidelines for the continuous strengthening of their legislative frameworks and operational capacities.

    Concluding, the Cypriot Member of Parliament underlined that the resolution of conflicts and the consolidation of peace and stability in the region and worldwide is a necessary condition for the radical elimination of the scourge of terrorism. He pointed out that intolerance, racism, prejudice and stereotypes fuel terrorism and stressed the importance of promoting of intercultural dialogue and mutual respect.

    The work of the 18th Plenary Session concluded with the awarding of the KSM Award for the year 2022, to the Karaiskaki Foundation, whose selection was announced during the 16th Annual General Meeting in Dubai, in February 2022. The Award was received on behalf of the Karaiskakei Foundation by the member of the Cypriot delegation to the KSM Charalambos Theopeptou, concludes the announcement of the Parliament.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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