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Support, otherwise stop payments

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Support, otherwise stop payments

Adamos Adamou

Failure to pay current liabilities to the state but also difficulties of leisure centers to meet their obligations to their staff, admits the Pancyprian Association of Leisure Center Owners, asking for new financial support from the state as soon as possible in order to get relief.

In yesterday's announcement of PASIKA, which is signed by the secretary general. of the Fanos Leventis Association, argues that the final blow to the leisure industry industry came with the additional restrictive measures of the festive season, which increased the negative effects already caused by the previous measures “separating citizens between vaccinated and non-vaccinated”.


PASIKA anger for new measures in restaurants and leisure centers Price increases of 25% in restaurants – Price lists are changing

In view of the above, PASIKA states that for days now it has addressed the Ministries of Labor and Finance, in order to examine and conclude targeted support plans, which concern both employees and companies. “The plight of companies that have been proven to be affected by the measures that have been imposed is in the most unpleasant position since the beginning of the pandemic crisis to be unable to pay their obligations to the state, such as Social Security, taxes, municipal fees and electricity bills ”but also to meet their obligations to banks, suppliers and owners of premises for payment of rents.

“Entrepreneurs are also in a very difficult position vis-.-Vis their employees. They try with their fingernails and teeth to keep them at work, depriving their families themselves, so as not to send them to unemployment, but unfortunately the situation is very bad and can not continue “adds PASIKA, who warns that without support there will be a stoppage of payments from companies, with all the negative consequences. “We call on the competent ministries for the umpteenth time to proceed without further delay in announcing targeted financial support, otherwise entrepreneurs will unfortunately have no choice but to proceed with a stoppage of payments and unfortunately with redundancies, making the state directly responsible for the whole tragic situation that will follow “, states the Association.

With his announcement yesterday, PASIKA also took a position on what the Minister of Finance mentioned earlier yesterday morning on the state radio, about the possibility of new support. Specifically, Konstantinos Petridis left open such a possibility, noting that a new targeted support is already under consideration, since, as he admitted, the restrictive measures affected specific companies, but implying that in such a case the restaurants will probably not be covered. due to increased turnovers last year, in contrast to companies that organize weddings or that are active in the entertainment sector, etc.

They are committed to avoiding layoffs

“The constant invocation of rapid growth in focus in 2021, compared to 2019, in order to avoid financial support to those affected by the additional measures leaves the government irreparably exposed but also the companies completely exposed in front of the spectrum of the final disaster “, PASIKA stated on this.

It is worth noting, however, in connection with PASIKA's warnings about redundancies, that those companies that participated in the latest plans of the Ministry of Labor for support, those of last October, depending on the plan in which they participated, made commitments not to release staff – without at least consequences – by the end of February and others at least until the end of March.

Source: www.philenews.com

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