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Supporters of Morph: The reasons why he should become Archbishop

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Υποστηρικτσ ; Μόρφου: Οι λόγοι για τους οποΙους πρΕπει να γΙνει ΑρχιεπΙσκοπος

The support group of Metropolitan Morphou informs with an announcement why they recommend Morphou Neophytos for Archbishop.

Among other things, in the announcement they state that he "has a noble and at the same time simple spirit, and easily approaches people, while possessing a broad political discourse".

Same announcement

• He is a traditional Orthodox Roman, with a deep theological and legal training, with a rich knowledge of the History of our East, with continuous apprenticeship in the authentic holy Tradition of Orthodoxy and with a pure spiritual life.

• He is born a genuine child of the popular piety of Cyprus and of the contemporaries of the holy Elders (Iakovos Tsalikis, Eumenios Saridakis, Athanasios Stavrovouniotou) and other men of God.

• He especially appreciates and respects the valuable cultural heritage of our country. That is why, from the first moment he took over the Morphou Diocese, he highlighted its immense heritage wealth in various ways with repairs and thorough renovations of churches and monasteries, preservation of hundreds of relics, creation of icon collections and organization of relevant exhibitions, as well as with the publication of a large number of informative Guides to the many ecclesiastical Monuments of his province.

• He has been correcting for years with his speeches and many editions of spiritual books because of the truth of the Orthodox Faith and morals, and he continues the empirical teaching of the Fathers of our Church on the healing treatment of the mind and the heart according to Orthodox anthropology  —something that is unfortunately rare these days—, thus building and guiding multitudes of believers around the world in the authentic Christian life.

• He knows how to choose the right partners for his successful and diverse project.

• With unparalleled courage and personal cost, he supported the Orthodox positions in modern challenges and trials (Colymvari Synod, Ukrainian issue, Corona virus epidemic, etc.) and did not hesitate to highlight the prophetic word of the ancient and modern saints, who prophesied about what we are living today and for’ what we are expected to live.

• With his diverse pastoral work, he proves to be a genuine father and teacher of the Orthodox Faith, both of the clergy and of his many lay spiritual children· and true spiritual fatherhood is in great need of our troubled times.

• He sincerely loves the whole of Cyprus, having repeatedly and multifacetedly demonstrated his support for our villages enslaved by the Turks (he took the lead in holding Liturgies and in the maintenance/restoration of churches).

• He has a noble yet simple spirit, and he easily approaches people, while possessing a broad political discourse. ·Finally, he has an important vision for the future course of the Church in Cyprus.

For all these and many more, we consider that Morphou Neophytos fully meets the conditions for assuming his high office Archbishop of Cyprus, as a result of which he is considered the most suitable to ascend to the archbishopric chair of the Church of Cyprus. And, furthermore, we believe that he has, after God, the physical powers, the spiritual possibilities and the heart's desire to bring out the local Church to its ancient beauty, to the glory of God and the benefit of Orthodox Christians everywhere.

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