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Supreme Court / Miracle… the studies: Rejected the appeal of two women – Acquired the specialty of doctor in συνθήκες strange circumstances

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Supreme Court / Miracle… the studies: Rejected the appeal of two women - Acquired the specialty of doctor in συνθήκες strange circumstances

{AR IG ARXIGRAMMA} has completely and irrevocably removed the specialty of general practitioner from two Belarusian sisters, as the Supreme Court upheld a relevant decision of the Medical Council. The two sisters had appealed the decision to withdraw their specialty, without, however, being able to convince that they could possess it, since the circumstances under which they obtained their degree from a university in their country are at least strange. It should be noted that this case has occupied the Medical Council, the Medical Association and the courts for years, until it was finalized a few days ago. The Supreme Court rejected all the appeals of the two women, noting that what has been taken away from them is the specialty and not the degree they hold from Gomel University in Belarus. The degree is genuine, but there are many shadows about how it was obtained, as the two women were in Cyprus at the time they claim to have studied in their country.

Miracle… the studies

Both sisters were married in Cyprus while claiming to be studying in Belarus. During that period they became pregnant and gave birth to their children in Cyprus, which they then cared for. The time of their absence from Cyprus was minimal and does not justify the four-year study in Belarus from 2010 to 2014. According to the data presented by the two sisters to be recognized as a general practitioner, they practiced for four years. Specifically, they claimed that they did 6 months of pathology (treatment), 4 months of surgery, 3 months of obstetrics – gynecology, 2 months of otolaryngology, 3 months of cardiology, 2 months of dermatology, 2 months of pediatrics, 4 months of psychiatry, 1 month of radiology, 2 months in the department intensive care, 2 months of microbiology, 1 month of statistics and research methodology and 10 months in an outpatient clinic. During these four years, one's husband complained that they were in Cyprus and proved it with specific evidence. They were absent from Cyprus only for a period of 6-7 months (in different periods) and mainly in the summers to visit their country with their children.

Incredible excuses

When the case was reported, the Police were also involved, and the investigation that took place showed that the two women did not seem to be absent from Cyprus during the periods when they stated that they were doing an internship in a hospital in Belarus to acquire a specialty. The two sisters claimed that they were traveling from the illegal airport of Tympos and that is why their departures and arrivals in Cyprus are not visible. They were asked by the Medical Council to present the proof of payment of the tickets and the answer they gave was that the tickets were paid by a friend from Ukraine, and therefore they have no proof. At the same time, the data presented by the husband of one of the two show that at the time they claim to have been in Belarus and practiced, they were in Cyprus and the children they had acquired from their marriage to Cypriot citizens were growing up. In fact, in order to confirm these allegations, the gynecologist and the pediatrician who was watching them and their children during the period when they were allegedly in Belarus submitted to the Medical Council. Also, the Belarusian authorities could not give a complete picture, as arrivals and departures in the country on the border with Russia are not recorded.

Not a day difference

Another paradox. The Medical Council to recognize a specialty requires practice (study) for a specific period of time in various specialty clinics. Miraculously, the two sisters had “attended” exactly in each clinic the required time set by the Medical Council. In short, in Belarus they studied in a program tailor-made for the Cypriot Medical Council! Not a day more, not a day less.

The decision of the Supreme was welcomed by the Initiative Group “Medical Shield”, in collaboration with the Federation of Patients' Associations of Cyprus (OSAK) with volunteers and collaborators.

Source: politis.com.cy

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