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Surplus of €71.7 million in the first half of the fiscal year

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Expenditures for health services amounted in the same period to €686.3 million

Πλεoνασμα €71.7 εκ. το α' εξαμηνο στο ΓεΣΥ

GeSY shows a surplus of €71.7 million in the first half of 2023, according to preliminary financial data of the Health Insurance Organization (OHI).

Specifically, in statements to the KYPE, the Senior Officer of the Organization, Angelos Tropis, said that the revenues of the OAU from the contributions and contributions of the National Health Service amounted to €758 million in the January-June period, while the expenses for health services amounted to €686 million in the same period. .3 million.

Mr. Tropis said that the income from contributions has increased by more than 14%, compared to the corresponding half of last year, while expenses increased by 9%, stressing that these percentages ” show that revenues are growing at a faster rate than expenditures are growing”.

He noted that the income from contributions for the month of June is an estimate, due to the two-month delay in collecting the contributions from salaries, while he stated that the number of beneficiaries of the National Social Insurance Scheme currently amounts to approximately 940,000.

More in detail, citing the preliminary data, Mr. Tropis told KYPE that the costs for inpatient care in the period January – June 2023 amounted to €331.6 million, while the costs for Specialist Doctors amounted to €118.2 million ..

He also stated that the expenses for Personal Physicians amounted in the same period to €49.1 million, for laboratory fees to €27.1 million, for pharmacists' fees to €17.3 million, for other health professionals' fees, nurses, midwives and dentists at €28.4 million, while the cost of medicines and consumables (after discounts) amounted to €95.2 million.

He also said that spending on First Aid and ambulances they amounted in the first half to €16.6 million and for Rehabilitation and palliative care to €2.8 million.

Surpluses will continue

Commenting on the results, the Senior Official of the OAU told KYPE that there is no reason to worry about the finances of the NHS Fund.

“We will have a real surplus for this year, while the forecast is that the surplus will continue and for the next few years,” he emphasized.

He added that the actuarial study for the NHS that examines the period up to 2030 and which has been completed at the end of 2022, “shows that we are sustainable until 2030”< /p>

Finally, Mr. Tropis said that for the whole of 2022 the income from contributions amounted to €1.34 billion, while for this year the estimate for contributions amounts to €1.47 billion, which is evident and from the results of the first semester.

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