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Sweden opens window on NATO membership: “Security situation in Europe has changed”

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Sweden's application for NATO membership was left open by the country's Prime Minister, Magdalena Anderson, after her meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Solz in Berlin, in the shadow of the “geopolitical” earthquake caused by Russia. Both Sweden and Finland systematically receive threats from Russia if they join the Alliance's structures.

“Model” for Ukraine.

“After joining the EU, we are no longer really neutral, we just do not belong to any military alliance,” said the Swedish prime minister, leaving open the possibility of Stockholm applying for NATO membership.

“We see that the security situation in Europe has changed. “There are various discussions and depending on how these discussions end, we will see what is the best way for Sweden,” Anderson said.

He added that “each country must decide for itself and the decision on possible neutrality of Ukraine is a matter for the Ukrainian people.” Russia has a stake. repeatedly launches threats against both Sweden and Finland if they turn to NATO for “political and military action” against them.

After the end of the Cold War, Sweden had reduced its military spending, but strengthened its defense capabilities after 2014, when Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula.

Sweden, which has not been involved in any war for two centuries, resumed compulsory military service in 2017 and reopened a camp on the island of Gotland in January 2018.

Today, after the Russian Invading Ukraine, Sweden is taking part in international sanctions against Russia, and the country's prime minister, Magdalena Anderson, has announced a boost to the country's military capabilities and an acceleration of its ongoing rearmament.

Olaf Solz: Russia has violated all the rules of international order and will suffer the consequences

German Chancellor Olaf Solz said after his talks with Magdalena Anderson that Russia has violated all the rules of the world order and will suffer the most serious consequences itself, noting that the guarantee of security is for Europe one of the central issues of the post-war era, to which Moscow had agreed.

He also said that the European Union should proceed with institutional changes that will allow its enlargement and said that the accession negotiations with Albania and Northern Macedonia should start as soon as possible.

“Everyone, including Russia, agreed in 1990 that the need for security in Europe was one of the central issues of the post-war era. Moscow violated all the rules of international order. And there can be only one answer to this. First, we call on Russia to stop the war. “Second, we are strengthening ourselves so that an attack on the EU or NATO countries does not happen, because we are strong enough to respond,” said Solz.

Addressing Magdalena & # 8217; Anderson, Olaf Solz still pledged support in the event that Sweden is attacked by Russia.

Referring to the changes to be promoted by the EU, the German Chancellor said that for both Germany and Sweden it is clear that institutional changes are needed in order to be ready for further enlargement.

“The “Talks on the accession of Albania and Northern Macedonia to the EU must begin as soon as possible, because any delay makes the Western Balkans vulnerable to external influences,” he said.

Both leaders, however, were skeptical about the distribution of refugees from Ukraine among EU member states. Mr Solz said the partners had already taken a step towards a basic agreement, following a German -Polar initiative.

“But they are referring to something that everyone has promised in the abstract. But now it must be made concrete. It is not allowed to be repeated in 2015 “, stressed on the other hand the Swedish Prime Minister, pointing out that her country then took over 12% of the refugees who arrived in Europe, something that, as she said, she can not do now. Sweden, however, will certainly be “part of the solution” to the problem, he assured.

Source: cnn.gr

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Source: politis.com.cy

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