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#Swedengate: What is the strange habit in Sweden?

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<p>The hashtag #Swedengate has been making the rounds of the internet lately, revealing a “shock” to many that Swedes do not offer food to their guests and, above all, to the children who play at home. </p>
<p> < strong> What is #Swedengate? </strong> </p>
<p> According to globalnews, #Swedengate is a hashtag that started on Reddit and ended up on Twitter, referring to a strange Swedish habit. </p>
<p>Posts on these accounts indicate that in Sweden, when a person visits a friend or acquaintance's house near dinner time, the hosts normally go out to eat their dinner, leaving their guest… alone. </p>
<p > Various tweets, therefore, have flooded the internet, making this tradition viral, with many making fun of the Swedish habit, while others say they are shocked by this “rude” and “inhospitable” behavior. </p>
<p > <strong> How did this new frenzy start? </strong> </p>
<p>It all started after a post on Reddit, which asked users of the app to say “what is the strangest thing that has happened to you at a friend's house due to a different culture/religion”. </p>
<p> This question, with its publication going viral. </p>
<p> She herself mentioned an incident that happened to her at the house of a friend from Sweden, in which she said: “And while we were playing in his room, mom she shouted at him that the food was ready. And listen είπε He told me to WAIT in his room alone, while the others would eat together “. </p>
<p>Swedish pop star Zara Larsson took the opportunity to screen this post, commenting that it was a “classic example of Swedish culture”. </p>
<p> A few days later, this “strange” tradition went viral on Instagram, where a map of Western Europe was posted showing which countries offer food to their guests and which do not. </p>
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Peak Swedish culture <3 :’-) https://t.co/MyZRnyPPlE

— Zara Larsson (@zaralarsson) May 28, 2022

The view of the Swedes

That fact, however, does not impress the Swedes themselves, with Linda Johanson – a Swedish e-shop owner at Etsy – telling the Independent that as a child she did not remember caring that she was not offered food in the houses she played with. her friends. Instead, she continued to play quietly with her toys while the family ate her dinner.

As she continues, that moment was something like a break from playing with her friends. He also states that the Swedish logic is as follows: the child who has come to our house (or his family) may have other plans for their dinner and we would not like to change them at the last minute, so we do not recommend to sit down to eat with us.

That, however, would change completely if you were invited home for dinner. However, such formalities are not common in Sweden – a free society.

Children, a few years ago, would go out, knock on their friends' door and ask, “Can I come play?”, so the parents could not know how many children would have their own home to prepare food for everyone.

The logic, however, has changed in recent years, with many Swedes saying that when they have guests at home and it is time to eat , now eat, all together, thus signaling a great social change.

Source: politis.com.cy

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