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Swimming pools drive away investors

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Swimming pools drive away investors

The need for arrangements so that swimming pools located in integrated tourist development and other communal development projects are not considered public swimming pools, are reiterated by the developers, since at this stage, as formed after the abolition of the passport program and the pandemic, every investment counts.

And the existing legislation, according to the Association of Land and Construction Development Entrepreneurs, not only does not help attract investment, but ousts buyers of real estate that has invested in Cyprus. “After the coronavirus, the abolition of the KEP and the dramatic reduction of tourists, the economy is called upon to lift another burden, that of the flight of Europeans and other buyers of real estate, ie permanent tourists to Cyprus, the only ones left,” he said. the legal advisor of the association in a letter to the chairman of the parliamentary committee of the Interior Eleni Mavrou.

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In his letter, the developers' advisor, Stavros Leptos, essentially requests the resumption of the debate on the issue, based on the bill submitted by MP Elias Myrianthous, which amends the Law on Public Swimming Tanks. As he claims, the draft law is a good basis for dealing with the problem, as it leads to partial compliance of Cyprus with the European standards EN15288-1 EN 15288-2, which our country should adopt. The adoption of the relevant standards, Mr. Leptos told “F”, will automatically exclude the private swimming pools in uniform developments from the public ones and consequently from the need to save them by a lifeguard, but also the observance of a series of other services. , such as changing rooms, toilets, etc. “Today, we do not know of a private swimming pool licensed under the existing law and our oligarchy to comply, unlike other European countries, from which they come and end “Real estate buyers are irreparably hurting our economy during these difficult hours, to the great delight of our competitors”, the developers claim through their lawyer in their letter to Ms. Mavrou.

In the same letter, it is noted that the obligation to comply with the existing law has catastrophic consequences, since the obligation of the presence of lifeguards, in essence, makes the amount of utilities that should be imposed on owners prohibitive. As a result, managing committees of condominiums resign and no one wants to be appointed to them, as long as they are criminally liable for non-compliance with the law. In addition, it is claimed that buyers of units in community projects with swimming pools have been significantly reduced, due to the exorbitant utilities provided and those who have already bought sell their apartments and buy in other competing European countries, which have complied with the standards. Finally, the developers claim that swimming pools are closing, as a result of which the quality projects are degraded and the Cypriot economy and the prestige of Cyprus as a modern state, within the EU, are irreparably affected.

And the Health Services favor a change in legislation

The problem that seems to be presented in terms of shared projects, but much more the need to modernize the legislation, is also acknowledged by the president of the Interior Ministry, Eleni Mavrou. Speaking to “F”, Ms. Mavrou noted that the issue was discussed in the past in the committee, on the basis of the bill submitted by Mr. Myrianthous, but stating that this is a difficult issue, which needs technocratic support. . In this context, he expressed concern whether the issue can be regulated by the bill and hinted that it would be better to do so through a bill. On the basis of this required preparation, Ms Mavrou expressed the assessment that it would be difficult for the House to consider the issue in its current composition.

The need for modernization of the existing legislation is also emphasized by the Health Services of the Ministry of Health, which state that the complete and complete modernization of the existing legislation for the Public Swimming Pools is necessary in order to resolve the major distortions and problems. They also remind that the need to modernize the legislation was identified by them for at least a decade.

The Health Services also state, in their own letter to Ms. Mavrou, that there is already a modernized draft law ready -from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs- expressing the view that “it would be best to promote this draft for discussion and possibly include it in it.” elements of Mr. Myrianthos' proposal “.

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