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SY.FI.APOEL Paphos: “We have nothing to do with the slogan for BBB”

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The slogan written in Paphos in favor of the hooligans of Dinamo Zagreb broke out

ΣΥ.ΦΙ.ΑΠΟΕΛ Πàφου: «Οδε ;μΙα σχΕση Εχουμε με το σyνθημα για &tau ;ους BBB»

A message on a wall in Pafos was spray-painted by unknown people in favor of Dinamo Zagreb's “Bad Blue Boys”, the fans' association involved in the deadly fight that claimed the life of Michalis Katsouris.< /strong>

ΣΥ.ΦΙ.ΑΠΟΕΛΠφ ου: «ΟυδεμΙα σχΕση ;ημα για τους BBB»

As can be seen in the photo, the slogan seems to involve the association of the organized fans of APOEL, more specifically the West Side association. However, with its post, the association of the organized fans of APOEL Pafos, clarifies that it has nothing to do with this action, noting that it is a provocation and an immoral war against their association.

Full the announcement 

In the last few hours we witnessed an unprecedented incident of slander against our Association. Some probably because they cannot manage the momentum that our Association has acquired in the Province and are now trying in every dirty way to hurt us. They innocently wrote slogans of support for the Croatians arrested for the heinous crime committed in Greece a few days ago, resulting in the murder of a Greek fan. We declare that we have nothing to do with the writing of these unacceptable slogans bearing the signature of our Association. Whatever provocations and immoral war some want to do to hurt us, they don't bend us. To know that actions are already being taken to find these people.