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Symptoms of Long Covid last more than a year – New data

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ΠΕραν του ενσ Ε&tau ;ους διαρκούν τα συμπτόματα του Long Covid-Νeα δεδομeνα

OSAK and the Long Covid Cyprus team proceeded to prepare audio-visual material with the aim of promoting the rights of patients left behind by the COVID-19 disease, noting that the symptoms last over since a year, it is stated in a relevant announcement today.

From the data registered in the NHS software, the number of these patients in Cyprus exceeds 30,000 and unfortunately will continue to increase since the coronavirus is not going to disappear, it is reported.

On an international level, Long Covid patients, number several millions while it is estimated that one in 8 people infected with the coronavirus continue to show symptoms for a long time after their illness.

At the local level, a new online questionnaire made available by the Long Covid Cyprus group to its members in the period 23 October – 5 November 2022, with the aim of recording the burden on their health from long-term symptoms and health care needs, received 419 responses.

65% of the participants stated that they were unvaccinated at the time of diagnosis with COVID19, while the remaining 35% were vaccinated either with the initial regimen (9%) or with a booster dose (26%).

It is noted that the duration of their symptoms after the acute infection was 16-60 weeks (average 43.5 weeks), an observation that confirms that in some the long-term symptoms last more than 1 year since the Long Covid Cyprus group also includes people who had contracted coronavirus in the years 2020 and 2021.

The participants had an average of 8 visits to a doctor due to these symptoms (range 0-17 visits), while 78% also visited a doctor of another specialty besides of the former of a private doctor.

Finally, for these symptoms, 59% stated that they also visited another health professional besides a doctor (e.g. physiotherapist, psychologist, dietician, speech therapist).

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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