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Synd. Large Growth: Additional measures to restart the economy

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In addition to the recovery and resilience plan announced by the state, other additional measures must be taken so that we can restart the economy, said Andreas Dimitriadis, president of the Association for Great Development and vice president of the CCCI.

In statements, Mr. Dimitriadis stated that such measures are the modernization of the state and the approval of necessary reforms by the Parliament, the improvement of the public sector and the institutional framework in general to facilitate entrepreneurship and foreign investments, the support of companies that have suffered significantly, he said, due to pandemic and major projects in the construction sector. It should, he continued, “export tax, urban planning and export incentives and in this direction our organizations have submitted a detailed plan to the President of the Republic”.

He also said that the digital transformation, the reform of the judiciary and the improvement of the banking system must be promoted, as Mr. Dimitriadis said that they face serious problems for the transfer of money from abroad to Cyprus.

He went on to say that “banks are too strict in applying certain criteria, as a result of which we lose investors in other directions whose systems are more adapted to reality”.

In addition, the president of the Association for Greater Development said that the efforts that must be made to be able to restart the economy, must be directed in many directions and not be based only on plans for recovery and resilience.

He also pointed out that by themselves these plans are resilient, they will contribute to the improvement of the economy “but it is not enough for us to be able to recover taking into account the blow that the Cypriot economy has suffered”.

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