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SYOP up to 42 and then “officers”-Headache the… tendency to run away from the EF

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ΣΥΟΠ μèχρι τα 42 κα&iota? αλος η... ταση φυγorς απo την ΕΦ

The bill submitted by the Ministry of Defense regarding the future of the National Guard's Contracted Soldiers will be debated before the Defense Committee of the Parliament, on the basis of which soldiers will be given an incentive to remain in the ranks of the National Guard until their 42 years and then to be promoted as “officers”, in an attempt to curb the trend of desertion observed.  

According to information, in the event that the bill is approved and the Contracted Hoplites remain in the service until they reach the age of 42, then they will remain under the permanent type status, however it is clarified that they will not be considered permanent sergeants or hoplites, but something similar as the officers are.

The Ministry of Defense wants with the bill to give an incentive for the SYOP to stay in the National Guard, since more join the service temporarily, either until they complete their studies or until they find a job in their field, while there are also those who leave, since they consider that there is no professional advancement and the salary given is low. It is also for this reason, that a portion of SYOP  who were first enlisted in the army, feel disappointed and think about not renewing their contracts, something that causes concern to the Ministry of Defense, which, promoting the relevant bill, considers that the institution   of contracted soldiers will be further strengthened.

At the same time, this regulation is being introduced to replace the current one, according to which the total duration of a soldier's contract is limited to only 10 years, regardless of the age at which he is hired.

The proposed amendment will have the effect of treating the Contracted Soldiers in the same way, in terms of their retirement age, since even with the existing legislation it is possible for the SYOP service to end at the age of 42, if hired at the age of 32 of years.

In addition, according to the Ministry of Defense, no serious increase in financial expenditure is expected, since the number of SYOP will be the same.

According to the introductory report of the bill, the proposed amendment is considered necessary for the following reasons:

  • Utilization of the knowledge and experience acquired by SYOPs during their service.
  • Uniform treatment of SYOP in terms of the age of termination of their service. Considering the average age of the 1st series is 31 years.
  • Providing an incentive to attract a larger number of candidates to participate in the SYOP recruitment selection procedures, taking into account the fact that the number of candidates in the last selection procedures was quite reduced.
  • Avoiding the simultaneous vacancy of a large number of SYOP positions. Indicatively, it is stated that the first series of SYOP, which completes 10 years of service in 2026, numbers about 1,500 SYOP and the void that will be created by their departure will be difficult to fill.
  • Stopping the tendency to flee which has been observed lately.

It is noted that, on November 15, the Council of Ministers approved the above amending bill and authorized the Minister of Defense as follows:

  • Approves the bill in question on the condition that the conditions of employment of those affected will not be varied, including their salary and their right to a tip.
  • Submit the bill in question to the House of Representatives for a vote.
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  • Proceeds during the stage of processing a legal text by the House of Representatives, in any amendments it deems appropriate before its approval, unless it deems that for specific reasons a new approval of the Minister is required Council after the text has been processed by the House of Representatives.   

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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