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SYXKA-PEO: To amend the decree on hotel industry wages

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Welcomes the decision to integrate the Price Index Allowance into minimum wages

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SYXKA-PEO expresses its firm position to amend the decree on minimum wages in the hotel industry so that the indexation adjustment is done automatically, which welcomes the decision to integrate the Indexation Allowance into the minimum wages.

As states the union in a press release, “with the issuance of the decree where the indexation allowance is integrated into the minimum wages in the hotel industry, an injustice is corrected, which concerns a specific category of workers”. It is added that “even with a delay of a year and a half, the decision is moving in the right direction”.

“The efforts and pressure exerted by the Trade Union paid off, since in a meeting with the Minister of Labor on June 1, 2023, among other issues, we raised this specific issue, stressing that for a significant portion of the workers, their salary was not adjusted based on the price index”, notes SYXKA-PEO.

At the same time, the trade union emphasizes its permanent position “that the decree on minimum wages in the Hotel Industry must be amended so that the price index adjustment is done automatically on the basis of the ATA performance agreement, as provided for in the collective agreement of the sector”.

Furthermore, it is pointed out that “the struggle continues for the extension and expansion of the Collective Agreement to all workers as provided for in the relevant EU directive”. Only in this way, it is stated, “will stop the separation of workers into many categories and make the profession of a hotel employee attractive to the locals, to the young people who are increasingly leaving the tourism industry since they have no motivation to stay” .

Finally, SYXKA-PEO states that it expects the Minister of Labour, Yiannis Panagiotou, to implement his announcements in this direction.

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