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T / C Media: The deficit in the budget of the occupied countries exceeded one billion Turkish Pounds

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T / C Media: The deficit in the budget of the occupied countries exceeded one billion Turkish Pounds

The budget of the occupied, which was in deficit by 137,904,000 TL at the end of September 2020, this year shows a deficit of 851, 1 million TL and if to this amount are added the 211,316,000 TL taken as an advance, the deficit amounts to at 1.62 billion TL.

According to the GIP, figures from the Ministry of Finance indicate that the “domestic budget deficit” increased by 517.2% in January-September 2021 compared to the same period in 2020 and by 182.6% in including the down payment.

Domestic revenues at the end of September 2021 were 5 billion 67 million 127 thousand TL and expenditures 5 billion 918 million 243 thousand TL. The corresponding figures for 2020 were 4 billion 852 million 602 thousand TL revenue and 4 billion 990 million 506 thousand TL expenditure.

Of the 1 billion 150 million TL that Turkey was supposed to give as support to the “budget”, only a percentage of 27.7% was given, since the “loan” of Turkey for this purpose amounted to only 319 million 54 thousand ΤΛ. During the period January-September, this number was projected to reach 862 million 500 thousand TL.

Meanwhile, Yeni Duzen wrote on Saturday that political uncertainty in the occupied territories following the resignation of the “minority government”, the inability of the “parliament” to convene and the scandal with the pink video of “Prime Minister” Ersan Saner risk and the “budget” of 2022.

In statements to the newspaper, the “Deputy Minister of Finance”, Cengiz Tsoli, stated that they will face a problem if the “budget” does not pass the “parliament” and that it is not easy to get by using twelve million every month.

According to the “legal procedure”, the “draft budget” must pass the “cabinet” by October 31st, be approved by the “parliament” and enter into force on January 1st.

At the same time, the “development and economic cooperation office” of the “embassy” of Turkey in the occupied territories (KEİ), in a statement, states that it will continue to support the projects related to the infrastructure projects and the socio-cultural development of its “town hall”. Pergamon, adding that in a period of 10 years (2011-2020) a fund of 25 million 166 thousand 792 TL has been allocated for this purpose.

According to “KEİ”, the allocation of funding and funds to the “town hall” of Pergamon aims to strengthen the infrastructure system and improve the living standards of the inhabitants of the area.


Source: politis.com.cy

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