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T / C opposition: The federation did not die

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T / C opposition: The federation did not die

The federation is not dying because someone said it was dead, said RTK President Tufan Erhiurman, commenting on the relevant Oktay-Tatar statements.

According to the GTP, Yeni Duzen writes that in a post Mr. Erichurman wrote that if what is desired is a comprehensive solution, it is obvious that the only realistic formula is a federation based on political equality and we will continue to work towards it. the direction for the future of our “people”.

He pointed out that all the decisions of the United Nations are in the direction of a federation solution and added that it is not realistic to expect someone from the Greek Cypriot side to say “yes” to a two-state solution.

The leader of the Community Liberation Party, Mehmet Tsakici, said that the federal solution model is the most reasonable choice for the Turkish Cypriot side and that it should be adopted.

Commenting on a statement by Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay in the Occupied Territories that the Turkish Cypriot side said “yes” to the Annan plan and the Greek Cypriot who did not want a solution said “no”, Mr. Tsakic said that we would like to remind Oktay that Mr. Tatar , standing next to him, said 'no' to the Annan Plan at the time, like the Greek Cypriots. The right work done by the Turkish Cypriot side in 2004 by saying 'yes' to the Annan Plan was underlined once again today. We were right that day. It was the majority of the Turkish Cypriot people with 64%. “If today Tatar goes to the 5-party bloc with the wrong strategy without the intention of a solution, like the day he and his party made a mistake, he will spread butter on the bread of the Greek Cypriot side again.”

Sener Elchil, general secretary of the Turkish Teachers' Guild, criticized Tatar's statements about “two sovereign states” and called the federation a “trap” as well as Oktay's visit to the occupied territories. “All Cypriots have paid a lot of money through wars, immigration and pain. We are not allowed to make politics out of our blood and tears. “We want our country to be united,” he said.

The Community Democracy Party (KKD) said in a statement that the most probable and realistic solution for Cyprus is the federation solution and no new adventures should be sought in terms of efforts to resolve the Cyprus problem.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the People's Party (KP), Kutret Ozersay, said that in the informal pentagon the parties will be able to express their views, but the content of these positions must be completed. “Speaking of two states, the Turkish Cypriot side must describe what kind of profits the Greek Cypriots will have,” he said, adding that in the same way, President Anastasiadis “has to explain why he still supports the federation after 50 years.”

Referring to the reports on British proposals in the Cyprus issue, Mr. Ozersay expressed his doubts about whether the published positions belong to Britain, adding that when he was “out” he also had meetings with officials of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “In the meetings we had, I saw that this was not as it was published in the press and they were thinking of other things. “The proposals published in the press are a version of the Annan Plan and the classic loose federation,” he added.

Source: www.philenews.com

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