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TAEP is an unruly ship, problems have accumulated, Hatzipandelas is absent

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ΑκυβΕρνητο κ&alpha ;ραβι τα ΤΑΕΠ, συσσωρεύτηκαν προ βλorματα, απoν ο Χατζηπαντeλας

The situation prevailing in the Accident and Emergency Departments can be characterized as completely unacceptable and comparable to third world countries, due to the outbreak of infections observed in recent days, with citizens once again being the victims of the unsolved problems faced by public hospitals. Delays in the admission of patients, repetition of medical examinations and long waits are the picture that TAEPs have at the moment, with cases of patients waiting for examination for up to twelve hours.

The picture it is complemented by the lack of understanding between doctors, with patients being bounced from one doctor to another, from private hospitals to public hospitals for admission and with the same medical tests being repeated by different doctors. According to REPORTER information, a patient waited twelve hours for an X-ray, while in another case a kidney disease patient who visited a private clinic, who after medical tests was found to need admission, was referred to a public hospital and there the doctors proceeded with the same medical tests again,  the patient to suffer for hours.

All this, while the Minister of Health, Michalis Hatzipantela, is touring abroad, both for a leisure trip and for official reasons. Of course, the Thermopylae of the Ministry is held by the General Director, Christina Giannaki, who is struggling to keep the balance through mountain problems that have been plaguing the hospitals for months.

It is worth wondering, since the international health organizations have been warning for a long time about the cocktail of infections that will afflict the world during the winter months and while Mr. Hadzipantela  trumpeted everywhere that he is ready, the events and what the patients see every day in the TAEP, demonstrate the opposite, with the pillar of public health, the public hospitals, looking like an unruly ship in one of the most difficult times, which the citizens need.

Besides, his infamous announcements, that, for example, on-call clinics would be the solution to the chronic problems of First Aid, remained announcements, since five months have passed since the institution of on-calls began and no citizen knows how, when and from where he can to be served, let alone during holidays, while even those who may know in many cases, the doctors on call join a medical diagnosis over the phone. “Do you have a cough? Do you have a headache? Take this medicine…. If you continue to feel unwell, come.' This is the treatment of patients who asked to have the General Health System to feel safe.

Unfortunately, it's not just the on-calls, it's also the discussions taking place for the inclusion of the Accident and Emergency Departments of private hospitals in the General Health System, which remain stagnant and without the slightest development at this stage. As announced by the Ministry of Health, the inclusion of TAEP of private hospitals in the NHS would give breathing space to the TAEP of public hospitals, however, despite the fact that a timetable has been set for the inclusion of TAEP in each province until January 1, in the end the Health Insurance Organization is only in consultation with a hospital in Nicosia, which is certain, will not end soon.

Of course, the constant need for nursing and medical staff cannot be ignored, since they have been shouting for a long time that the understaffing in the TAEP creates chain problems, which are reflected in the bad image of the hospitals, which cause reactions, nerves and insecurity among the citizens who visit the First Aids.

What is mentioned above has been written countless times, nevertheless, once again it is clear that there is no political will to solve them, with the Minister of Health, Michalis Hatzipantela, to chooses a month before handing over his portfolio, these problems shine through his absence in snowy Switzerland. »

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  • Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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