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Takis Arapoglou is once again President of the BOC

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Ms. Lyn Grobler was re-elected Vice-Chairman of the Board and Mr. Konstantinos Iordanou was re-elected Senior Independent Board Member

Ξανα Προεδρος της BOC ο Τακ&eta ;ς Αραπογλου

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Takis Arapoglou was re-elected Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Cyprus.

According to a related announcement, during the session of the board of directors, after the end of the EGM, the members formed a body and re-elected Mr. Efstratios Georgios (Takis) Arapoglou as Chairman of the Board of Directors. At the same meeting, Ms. Lyn Grobler was re-elected Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. Konstantinos Iordanos was re-elected Senior Independent Director.

The composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:

Board of Directors

1. Efstratios Georgios (Takis) Arapoglou (Chairman)

2. Lyn Grobler (Vice President)

3. Pola Chatzisotiriou

4. Panikos Nikolaou

5. Maria Filippou

6. Nikolaos Sofianos

7. Ioannis Zografakis

8. Konstantinos Iordanos

9. Eliza Livadiotou

In addition, the following Councilors were appointed to the Board of Directors with the appointments subject to the approval of the European Central Bank (“ECB”):

10. Monique Hemerijck

11. Adrian Lewis

Participation in the Committees of the Board of Directors is as follows:

Risk Management Committee

1. Pola Hatzisotiriou (Chairman)

2. Nikolaos Sofianos

3. Ioannis Zografakis

4. Lyn Grobler

Control Committee

1. Nikolaos Sofianos (President)

2. Pola Chatzisotiriou

3. Konstantinos Iordanos

Human Resources Committee & Fees

1. Maria Filippou (President)

2. Lyn Grobler

3. Ioannis Zografakis

Appointments Committee & Corporate Governance

1. Takis Arapoglou (President)

2. Lyn Grobler

3. Maria Filippou

4. Ioannis Zografakis

Ethics Committee

1. Ioannis Zografakis (President)

2. Maria Filippou

3. Nikolaos Sofianos

Technology Committee

1. Konstantinos Iordanos (President)

2. Ioannis Zografakis

3. Pola Chatzisotiri

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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