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Targeted fires in Paphos – Complaints before the authorities

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Targeted fires in Paphos - Complaints before the authorities

Investigations are continuing for the large fire that broke out in the province of Paphos at noon on Sunday, September 19.

According to the Spokeswoman of the Fire Brigade, Andrea Ketti, the fire has burned 8 square kilometers of dry grass, wild vegetation and a number of trees, while there was extensive damage to residential fences and outdoor equipment and storage areas.

The fire broke out on two fronts and in very inaccessible areas, while firefighters have noticed that there were three other outbreaks on mountain peaks and river. Based on all this, it is concluded that the fires are not accidental at all and that there is a plan behind them.

It is important to note that there are allegations of arson before the authorities, which are being investigated.

In the area of the villages of Giolou-Milio and Simos-Drymos, firefighters remain early this morning to extinguish small fires or any re-ignitions.


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Source: 24h.com.cy

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