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Tasos Xiarcho: Shocking with his confession – “I took 40 pills… I wanted to die”

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<p>What he revealed about the attempt he made to end his life</p>
<p>In a personal confession, <strong>Tasos Xiarchos,</strong> about a suicide attempt he had made in the past, shocking with what he revealed.</p>
<p>The choreographer uploaded a video on <strong>TikTok</strong> and referred to the attempt and the difficult feelings he had to manage.</p>
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<p>Specifically he said: <em><strong>“About three years ago I did something that affected my whole life, it affected my life so much that from where I had everything, I lost everything. I did something wrong,</strong>I uploaded a video, we all know this story. Even today this stigmatizes me and I carry it. I've tried, I've worked, I've done so many things to redeem myself or the world and everyday, whatever I do, even smiling underneath someone will write… we will never forget.</em> </p>
<p><em><strong>Yes, I killed myself. I took pills, many pills from a pharmacy in Patision that was owned by foreigners so that I wouldn't be recognized, I took around 40 pills, I swallowed them in my childhood neighborhood.</strong>I didn't die and even today some say I lied to get away with it. I didn't fake it, I wanted to die. But God didn't take my life, he didn't take me from here. He left me here to struggle and achieve things from scratch. <strong>I may have done 100 good and 2 bad, 2 bad…</strong> Look at these two. I don't want to say how much good I have done. I have given immense help and help of love, not help of interest.</em></p>
<p><em>I took 40 pills, I was passed out for hours in the grass and what I heard when I woke up was that I was lying and playing with everyone's feelings, because at that time I chose to talk to a well-known journalist, Eleonora Meleti, because I wanted, if I die, to go through what was happening to me at that moment. <strong>I was telling her how I felt, how numb I was, that everything was a blur around me, my soul was dying.</strong></em></p>
<p><em>I woke up and heard the police cars, my friends I was telling myself why I'm not dying. I woke up and said I'm going to jump off the train tracks, I'm going to jump on the train that was nearby.<strong> That day was decisive for my life.”</strong></em></p>
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