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Tatar accused of “silencing freedom of speech” after his lawsuit against Jenny Duzhen

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BASIN-SEN and Akansoi's reaction to the Tatar lawsuit against Jenny Duzhen

“With this attitude, Tatar showed the public opinion that it is against the freedom of the press and the freedom of expression, which is the most basic human right”, wrote the director of the RTK, Asim Akansoy, commenting on the social media < strong>lawsuit of Ersin Tatar against Jeni Duzen,regarding four articles written by the journalist Serhat Incirli.

  • Tatar filed a lawsuit against the newspaper “Jeni Duzen”

According to the Press and Information Office, in its report today the newspaper reports that Mr. Akansoy also noted that the Turkish leader will go down in history as the person who further isolated the Turkish Cypriots from the world . “It is also very clear that this mentality, which tries to intimidate its opponents by filing lawsuits instead of facing democratic reality and trying to meet social expectations, has no ability to represent (the people)”.

He added that the newspaper, which he said is being tried to intimidate through lawsuits, will overcome this in solidarity with its readers.

< p>“We must not forget that the newspaper Yeni Düzen has been published with great effort and dedication since its foundation. As the workers say, YENİDÜZEN is 'everyone's newspaper'. It should be known that YENİDÜZEN newspaper is the Turkish Cypriot people themselves. It's yours, it's ours, it's everyone's,” he adds.

Furthermore, as the newspaper writes, the Tatar lawsuit was also reacted to by the press workers' union (Basın-Sen),

strong>which criticized the lawsuits filed against journalist Serhat Incirli, saying it sees them as an attempt to “silence freedom of the press and freedom of thought”.

In a written statement from part of the guild, Press, Publications and Information Secretary of Basın-Sen, Pinar Barut stated that Ersin Tatar, who supports and nurtures those who have repeatedly proved their fascist mentality in the “country”, cannot even bear critical writings against him < strong>“due to his inability to bear the weight of his office”.

He also added that Mr Tatar“has hung another shame around the neck of this society”

strong> with this step and pointed out that while no policy is produced on the problems of citizens in all areas, from education to health and the economy, “time is available for such matters”.

The guild expresses its full support to journalist Serhat Inji rli, to the then director of Jeni Duzen Cenk Mutlujakali, in the same newspaper and in the articles written by Incirli.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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