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Tatar also sets conditions for a five-party system

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Tatar also sets conditions for a five-party system

Conditions before the convening of an informal five-party conference is set by Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar. He called for “acceptance of sovereign equality in the south” in order to agree to discuss the issues to be raised at the informal conference.

According to Ersin Tatar, the informal conference will have four chapters on the table, the solution model, territorial, property and security.

“The United Nations will accept and recognize that there is a special authority in the northern part of Cyprus,” Tatar said, stressing sovereignty over the outside world.

The second condition set by Ersin Tatar in view of the new effort for the Cyprus issue concerns energy. He added that “in the new process, the issue of natural gas will be formed”. He argued that both the Cyprus issue and the Eastern Mediterranean have changed with the issue of energy sources: “Energy policies in the Eastern Mediterranean with Turkey's demands will be decisive.”

Ersin Tatar also gave explanations regarding the form of solution proposed by the Turkish side, ie the two states on the basis of sovereign equality. Clarifying that their new policy is not a “recognition policy”, but could lead there. The Turkish Cypriot leader said that what they are looking forward to is not “cooperation”, but “cooperation of two separate states”. Asked to clarify who the two countries will be, Tatar and Berna spokeswoman Celik Dogroujol said this would emerge from the outcome of the talks, noting that if they spoke now on behalf of the state it could affect the talks.

“Functionality will come first. That is, we want a solution that will lead us to safety. We do not want to become a patch to the Greek Cypriots. “We think that a federal structure in which Turkey does not exist is not possible,” Tatar said, reiterating that the UN parameters needed to be discussed again.

The Tatar team said: “The name of the two countries does not exist. The Turkish side says let 's sit down and discuss a new vision. If we call it, it will affect the result. For this reason, we will not pronounce a name. For example, can we say Kosovo? There is no example of the model under consideration, each example has its own peculiarities. “

Asked to clarify “what is equal sovereignty”, Tatar replied: “It is the ability to govern yourself. It will be a model of cooperation. The administration of the south, here, will belong to us. We will be able to conclude separate agreements with Turkey. “Cooperation with the state in the south can be carried out on issues such as water and energy.”

On the issue of property, Tatar said that “the real estate commission is the right way”, adding that [the solution] is “either a return, or an exchange, or compensation”.

Yeni Duzen notes that the new structure in the “presidency” is as follows: Special Adviser Ergun Olgun, Spokesperson Berna Celik Dogruyol Press and Public Relations Director Munever Cavin Akkurt (Aydin Akkurt).

It depends on Turkey's share

In an article in Yeni Duzen (source of GTP), an article by Sami Ozuslu states that the solution to the Cyprus problem depends on Turkey's share in the gas of the Eastern Mediterranean. “The Cyprus problem now depends on the question 'what share will be given to Turkey by the gas of the Eastern Mediterranean'. More clearly, the Cyprus process will be shaped by the division of the Eastern Mediterranean. “After all, this 'demand' and 'interconnection' is clearly mentioned in Tatar's letter to the UN Secretary-General,” Yeni Duzen was quoted as saying.

Tatar wanted London because of EU hostility

Ersin Tatar in his statements revealed that the Turkish side sought the informal conference on the Cyprus issue to be held on British soil, which is no longer considered European. Ersin Tatar's excuse is that the EU is not objective and therefore cannot be chosen as the venue for the talks.

Noting that the convening of the parties for the informal 5 + 1 conference by the United Nations could take place next February in Switzerland, Tatar clarified that at first they had planned to hold it in Britain, but due to the pandemic of Covid-19 disease did not it is possible. “We do not want the conference to take place in a country that is a member of the European Union, because the EU is biased in the [Cyprus] issue. Due to the fact that Britain is flooded with cases, it could now take place in Switzerland. “We are investigating.”

The Turkish side has repeatedly claimed in the past that talks on the Cyprus issue cannot take place within the EU. The exception was the last Anastasiadis-Akinci meeting held in Berlin, but it was not a negotiation. There was also the Hague Summit during the Annan Plan negotiations and previously in Copenhagen.

It should be noted that Britain is one of the parties involved in the Cyprus issue as it is involved in the talks as one of the three guarantor powers.

Source: www.philenews.com

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