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Tatar comes out complaining: “Every day they call me immoral and spiritually retarded”

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They do not intend to restrict freedom of expression, but what is being said and in the MKD must be controlled, said Ersin Tatar, saying that he receives characterizations every day.

According to GP, Cyprus Post refers to the interview that the Turkish leader gave to a private Turkish channel and to what he said about the three “bills” that are considered as a restriction of freedom of expression.

“When I first saw it I asked 'who wrote it, who took it out'. But these are in the existing law anyway. I did not tell anyone to pass such a law. Every day they call me dishonorable, indecent, ridiculous, immoral, spiritually retarded. Can such a resilience be done every day? There is nothing about the internet in the relevant (existing) law. All I want is to find a solution to them. I do not want anything else. No one intends to impede freedom of expression. An effort is only being made to add the social media aspect to the law. “

“Someone is broadcasting live from somewhere, he is speaking as he pleases, he is insulting,” Mr. Tatar continued, wondering where democracy is in it. The phrases “dissatisfaction” and “coldness”, he added, exist in the existing “law” anyway.

“Turkey did not ask for such a thing. But there were no words left that I did not hear. You need control over this. These steps are taken to control the lack of limits on the internet. “Freedom of expression, pluralism are the principles I support the most,” he said.

” saying that he was elected by the “people” in a process in which Tufan Erhurman also participated.

Asked what the quarrel of the RTK president was with him, Mr. Tatar said that every time he came to the floor of the “parliament” Mr. Erhurman attacked him and claimed that he never made the statements attributed to him by a specific online newspaper.

“No such words came out of my mouth,” he said (referring to the Tertullian Cyprus newspaper) and concluded by saying that he had instructed his press adviser, Aydin Akkurt, to do “what should “on this issue.

Arikli does not confirm the shipment of 200 MAT from Turkey, he asked for the issue in the “parliament” Ongun Talat

Turkey is responsible for the internal and external security of the pseudo-state and it is their issue, said “Transport Minister” Erhan Arikli, saying that he has no information about the news that was released yesterday that a 200-member police force will be sent by Turkey in the Occupied Territories.

According to the GTP, the Turkish media report that Mr. Arikli said that the “cabinet” has not been informed about such an issue. “I do not know where they got this information from. I also asked some ministerial friends and they do not know either. As you know, the internal and external security of the TRNC is the responsibility of the Turkish Republic, so the fact that the Turkish Republic will bring soldiers or personnel to any part of the security forces is solely its own business. “

“Bilateral agreements allow it. “If they come, it will not be a problem for me, but I really do not know anything about it,” he added.

concerns the transfer of 200 Turkish Special Forces police officers to the occupied territories. The allegations are “completely unfounded,” according to a statement. How many 200 “police” specialists have come to the occupied territories?

In his letter, Mr. Talat lists a series of questions that have to do with the content of the news and concern where Speaking on the Bugion Cyprus website, Ogun Talat said the news had caused concern in the community, noting that how it is illegal to bring police officers from other countries on duty here.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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