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Tatar contacts to form new “government” – Early “elections” if efforts fail

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Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar began contacts to form a new “government” of the occupiers. On Thursday he had meetings with the Renaissance Party, the People's Party and the Democratic Party, while tomorrow he will see the Republican Turkish Party and the National Unity Party.

After the meeting with Tatar, the leader of Ms. Erhan Arikli described the situation as “unexpected and a serious crisis” and added that the problem that arose after the resignation of the “government” should be resolved as soon as possible.

Mr. Arikli went on to say that the first option is the formation of a technocratic broad-based government by the two major parties (KEE and RTK) and the last a new “government” which will be the continuation of the existing one (KEE, DK, KA).

Answering a question, he said that if a “government” could not be formed, then there was also the possibility of early “elections”.

For his part, Kudret Ozersay said “We feel that an awkward script has been written,” he said, adding that “we do not want to play a role in this, the same government will be formed, but it seems like an attempt to form a new government.”

Saying that they do not want to take part in this game, he described the developments as “fantasy” and added that the “command” should be given to Suzuoglu and the “ministerial” should be formed without wasting time. For his part, DK leader Fikri Ataoglu said Tatar had accepted the “government”'s resignation and believed he would give a “mandate” as soon as possible.

He added that he believes that all political parties want a “government” to be formed, taking into account the future of the “country”, as mentioned in the occupied territories, and the economic problems.

The assembly of the National Unity Party in the occupied territories met today and unanimously decided to authorize party leader Faiz Suzuoglu to form a “government”.

Asked to comment on Tatar's decision to accepted the resignation of the “government” instead of the removal of Sunat Atoun from the “ministry of finance”, said that he did not expect such a decision but respects it. He said Tatar was from the KEE and would continue to support him.

Commenting on reports that Tatar would order the formation of a “government” in the Republican Turkish Party, he said he could to happen, adding that the “government” has resigned and Tatar will decide.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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