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Tatar-Holgin dinner and contacts in the occupied territories

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    Tatar – Holgin dinner and contacts in the occupied territories – What are the media reporting

    The Turkish Cypriot leader, Ersin Tatar, hosted a dinner after the end of the one-day fast for Ramadan (İftar) last night to the Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary General, Maria Angela Holgin Queillar.

    According to the GTP, today the t/k press publishes a relevant photo and notes that the dinner started at 6 pm and only Mr. Tatar and Ms. Holgin attended.

    Holgin Contacts

    The Personal Envoy of the Secretary-General had a meeting yesterday at the Turkish Chamber of Commerce with its President, Turgai Deniz, and members of its Board of Directors, with Mr. Deniz stating that the chamber played a leading role in the approval of the Annan Plan 2004 and despite this will, the Cyprus issue has remained unresolved for 60 years.

    Noting that the Cyprus issue should not be expected to be resolved through negotiations alone, Mr. Deniz expressed his belief that the key to a comprehensive and just solution lies in the economic equality of the two communities.

    The focus, he continued, should be on lifting “isolation” and “embargoes” on economic activities, such as direct trade, direct flights, and access to financial instruments. “All international ‘isolations’ and the ‘embargoes’ imposed on the Turkish Cypriot community do not help the solution, on the contrary they distract the Turkish Cypriot community from the perspective of the solution”, he said.

    He added that “allowing the Turkish Cypriots to participate in international trade under unhindered and fair conditions does not it will not only promote economic development, but it will also help build trust and promote reconciliation between the two communities in Cyprus”.

    Today Mrs. Holgin visited the t/k “football federation” and met with the “president” of Hasan Sertoglou, who stated that the pseudo-state is the only “country” whose youth cannot compete in international meetings and events.

    “We are almost hostages due to political problems. Unfortunately, this includes the EU and the UN. No international political structure is raising a finger about our victimization and the inhumane treatment we have suffered,” he said.

    Expressing the view that the Turkish Cypriots have always been the “deceived party”, including during the Annan Plan period, Mr Sertoglou said that “in this respect, the EU and the UN have never helped to overcome the unfair sports &#8216 ?embargo’. UEFA and FIFA also did not stand by sports, football and footballers despite the problems we experienced”.

    He also said that he told Ms. Holgin: “Please ask both Ersin Tatar and Nikos Christodoulidis when you meet: Let them tell us how they will bring peace to their peoples when 13-15-year-old Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot youths cannot play a single match together. We want the unifying power of sports to be used in the context of confidence-building measures”. #8220;Genie Duzen” regarding the meeting that the RTK had with the Personal Envoy of the Secretary General of the UN, the Secretary General of the Turkish party, Asim Akansoi, described the process followed by Mrs. Holgin as constructive and careful.

    “He implements a process. First, he wants to hear the parties and guarantors thoroughly. I assume that he will anticipate certain moves accordingly, because no strategy can be developed without listening and taking into account the views of the parties. But there have been very serious experiences in the past. Very serious representatives took office. The United Nations is also tired of this issue. There is a problem of trust and this problem must be overcome,” he said.

    Mrs. Holgin, she continued, has a “great task” to overcome the trust problem that exists.

    President of the United Cyprus Party

    Meanwhile, the President of the United Cyprus party, Izzet Izjian, invited the Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary-General to listen to the voice of the people of Cyprus who want a solution. In a written statement, Mr. Izjian said that “political parties and non-governmental organizations that feed off the status quo in Cyprus follow separatist policies to continue their existence” and added that “this does not represent the real will of the Cypriots “.

    The views expressed with the request for separate sovereignty in the northern part of Cyprus are aimed at dividing the country, he added, noting that the solution that will be found in Cyprus must be within the framework of the resolutions of UN Security Council. “A federally united Cyprus is the only solution that will serve the interests of the Cypriot people,” he said.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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