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Tatar: Holgin overstepped her mandate – She knew we wouldn't back down

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The Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary General, Maria Ángela Holguin Queyar “exceeded the limits of her mandate”, the leader of the Turkish Cypriot community, Ersin Tatar, said in an interview with the illegal “Bayrak” on Wednesday.

According to Mr. Tatar, Ms. Holgin arrived in Cyprus for a period of six months, to explore whether there is common ground for the continuation of talks on the Cyprus. The UN diplomat knew very well that the Turkish side is not going to take a step back from the positions it presented in Geneva 3.5 years ago, she added. He also said that now that Ms. Holgin finds that there is no common ground she is “stepping beyond her authority.”

Complaining about Ms. Holgin's contacts with T/and supporters of the federal solution and especially the last two contacts with Mustafa Akinci, Mr. Tatar said that “These are efforts aimed at mobilizing opposition fronts and creating a different perception here. I have transferred my concern to the necessary centers, I have expressed my discomfort and we will evaluate our actions accordingly”.

“After 8 years as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, a successful person was judged worthy of this position. Your authorization is to seek an answer to the question of whether there is common ground to reopen the process.Sovereign equality and the status of equal nations, which we proposed 3 years ago, 3.5 years ago, are clear. There is also the support of the Republic of Turkey. So in my opinion, it is not right for different opposition groups to unite and target us,” he continued.

Asked if a five-party summit was proposed by Ms. Holgin, Mr. Tatar said “no, he didn't go into details, but he dropped hints. In other words, he said “Yeah, I can't solve this, so let's sit down and talk in a tripartite meeting. Let's see what each side has to say.

When asked what is expected from the report that the Personal Envoy will submit, Mr. Tatar urged her, submitting the her findings to “write the truth. Let's be realistic.”

“We've had this problem for years. We have been saying for years that we are one of the two equal partners in Cyprus.We never saw ourselves as a minority. We have a new policy that we introduced 3.5 years ago. I do not agree with the resumption of talks from the point where they left off in Crans Montana because I have made a promise” to the Turkish community, he said.

He also mentioned that after his election “we sat down with the Turkey and we discussed it. And what did we say? If equal international status is recognized, we will enter a new process. What does this mean; In other words, if there is an agreement, it will definitely be with the cooperation of two states”.

In his interview with the illegal “Bayrak”, Mr. Tatar again referred to the “3A”  demand of the Turkish side, that is, the demand for direct flights, direct trade and direct contacts.

« What we understand by the common ground is our sovereign equality and the ‘3A’, which we set after the talks with Turkey, namely direct flights, direct trade and direct relations. Initially, the Personal Envoy said that this request was reasonable,” claimed the Turkish leader, who noted that Ms. Holgin later changed her stance.

“These are the rights us. We are the founding partners of the Republic of Cyprus. They threw us out of the Republic, at gunpoint, and the other side started behaving as if the Republic of Cyprus was completely theirs, and the relevant decision of the Security Council was made. Turkish Cypriots have the right to create their own state after being excluded from the Republic,” said Mr. Tatar.

He added that “they want to impose on us a process by which an attempt will be made to find a solution and we reply that “we have now brought to the fore a new policy and this is fully supported by Turkey”. Also, referring to the latest statements of the Turkish President, Mr. Tatar noted that “with the phrase “ take into account the realities of Cyprus” Mr. Erdogan refers to the equal international status.” 

Source: www.philenews.com

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