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Tatar: I did not promise that I would solve the Cyprus problem if I was “elected”

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Tatar: I did not promise that I would solve the Cyprus problem if I was

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar said in a statement that he never said before the “elections” that if he was “elected” he would solve the Cyprus problem and never promised anything like that.

During an interview with columnist Hassan Hastoorer, Mr. Tatar was asked to comment on reports by some that “he will change after the election,” according to the Cyprus newspaper, as reported by the Press and Information Office.

“In politics, when someone is elected, what is said before the election is usually forgotten. I support everything I said. And I will continue to support them. It is not my style to say more before the elections and more after them. It is to the benefit of the Turks of Cyprus that I am one hundred percent in harmony with Turkey. “I am very happy because I have the support of both Turkey and the community in my resolute stance,” he said.

“I do not oppose the solution of the Cyprus problem. If I was against, I would not meet with Anastasiadis, I would not go to Geneva. “I always explain to foreigners my support for the solution,” he said. However, he added, “it is not possible for me to have the perception that the solution is as it wants to be. Remember everyone I said. I never said vote for me and I will solve the Cyprus problem. I did not promise a solution. For a viable solution, the two states will exist in substance and not in words. “Otherwise, a dead state will emerge, such as the Republic of Cyprus,” he said.

Referring to Varosi, he said that “the opening of the closed Varosi is a very important political decision that is progressing gradually. Every step that is taken is part of the defined set. A part of the Mediterranean with a high economic value, such as the closed Varosi, cannot remain as a ghost town. Who can want that. “Our roadmap is in line with international law and will not conflict with it.” “Despite the image that we are taking a unilateral decision, there is talk of a progress that will benefit all sides,” he added.

Asked if he was a nationalist, Mr. Tatar said no and said “I am not a nationalist, I am a patriot. When my father signed for me his book that had been published shortly before he died, he described me as a patriot. And that's like a legacy from my father. “

On this occasion, he continued, “I want to emphasize the following: I respect different views, those who have different views. Differences are the wealth of democracy. But, as a community, we must find the way to move as a society, as a single whole. ” I believe, he said, “that we should look at the limited opposition in official policy in relation to the Cyprus issue within the Greek Cypriot community and think.”

Asked about the new “presidential” building to be built, Ersin Tatar said that “the construction of the presidential palace can be discussed. “But let us not forget that the building that is to be built is an office for the presidency of the democracy and not for me.”

According to him, “tdbk, the Turkish state of Cyprus will always exist”, as he said referring to the occupied territories.

“The existing historic building was used and utilized in a difficult period. Its construction on the walls seemed inevitable in the conditions of those days. “If he is lucky, everyone will see how right the step was when the building of the presidency of our republic was built with the help of the motherland of Turkey,” he said.

Source: KYPE

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