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Tatar letter to Guterres with references to Greek responsibilities and a two-state solution

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Tatar letter to Guterres with references to Greek responsibilities and a two-state solution

Supports an informal five-party UN meeting to determine if there is a new common ground between the two sides for a lasting agreement, Turkish leader Ersin Tatar said in a reply letter to the UN Secretary-General, blaming the UN. k side for not finding a solution.

According to the Occupied Territories, in his reply letter to Antonio Guterres, Mr. Tatar stated that, in the light of the new conditions in the region and in Cyprus, for a fair, realistic and sustainable solution, he aims to establish a cooperation relationship based on in two sovereign states, which will have equal international status, as he explained to Jane Hall Luth during their meeting.

In his letter, along with wishes for Christmas and the New Year, the Turkish leader claims that the search for a federal solution has been going on for decades and all the efforts of the UN Secretary General, their actions and initiatives, have been thwarted by e / k side.

In Crans Montana, he said, despite the flexibility and good intentions of the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey, the Greek Cypriot side and Greece prevented finding a solution for which they had no intention and tried to continue the status quo.

On May 28, 20004, in his report to the UN, the then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan had pointed out that the Greek Cypriot side had rejected the sharing of power with the Turkish Cypriots and, according to Mr. Tatar, the Greek Cypriot side side had rejected not only the UN plan but also the solution itself.

He reiterated his argument that in 1963 by force of arms the Greek Cypriots occupied the Republic of Cyprus which had been founded by two equal peoples – in his own words – and used the recognized government to their advantage, continuing their path as the Republic of Cyprus and preferred to continue with the regime considered “unsustainable”.

Under the pretext of negotiating the federal solution, the negotiation process is a cover for the continuation of the status quo and the e / k side uses it as a pretext, said Mr. Tatar, saying that “the hidden beliefs of the e / k side can not to be accepted “.

For the Turkish Cypriot leader, there is no question of continuing the process from where he left off in Crans Montana. “A process, based on a new common ground, must be result-oriented and, in order to make sense, it must have a timetable.”

The resolution of the Cyprus issue, on the basis of which it will be determined, will contribute to the restoration of regional security and stability and will pave the way for the creation of a vision that will embrace the entire Eastern Mediterranean, he added.

He argued that the most appropriate option for natural gas is trade through Turkey in Europe with the construction of a submarine pipeline.

Ersin Tatar called on the UN Secretary-General to help persuade the Greek side of a just and lasting solution to the island and to approach with “open ideas a formula for cooperation based on sovereign equality in both countries”.

According to the Turkish Cypriot leader, the solution efforts are at a turning point and in order to reach a final solution to the problem, it is the responsibility of all stakeholders to seize this opportunity and make every effort.


On Monday, Lut met with Tatar

Source: politis.com.cy

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