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Tatar message for a two-state solution to the new President of the Republic

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Μor&nu ;υμα ΤατΑρ για λyση δyο κρατoν στον &nu ;eο Πρoεδρο της Δημοκρατiας

The occupied territories to become a “state”, free from isolation and restrictions – He spoke again of sovereign equality and equal international status

The reference of the “tdvk” as a “Turkish Cypriot state” by the Turkish Vice-President, Fouat Oktay strong> in his speech the day before yesterday, must be evaluated and interpreted as a manifestation of the ongoing policy and efforts for a “state” that is free from “isolation” and “restrictions” and has reached the position it deserves on the international stage, said Ersin Tatar referring to the pseudo-state.

As reported in the occupied territories, in his written statement, after the noise caused by Mr. Oktay's report, the Turkish leader added that “the emphasis on the Turkish Cypriot state that is underlined here (by Mr. Oktay) is the emphasis to a state with sovereign equality and an equal international status“.

He again referred to the “historical speech”of the Turkish President – in his expression – and his appeal from the floor of the UN General Assembly last year, saying that after it came the appeal of Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay to the UN Security Council and the international community to affirm the sovereign equality and equal international status of the Turkish Cypriots . “A clear indication of the paradigm shift is the new policy we are following in full harmony with our motherland Turkey regarding the Cyprus issue,” he said.

According to Mr. Tatar Erdoğan's call for recognition of the pseudo-state “showed once again to the whole world that the way to a fair, lasting and sustainable agreement through the negotiation in Cyprus is to accept the sovereign equality and equal international status of the < strong>two existing parties“.

He considers that his own election to the “presidency” was also an indication that a solution based on federation is not possible and with the new policy “the game is broken ” and the status of the pseudo-state has been elevated, he claimed.

Ersin Tatar again made reference to the acceptance by the Organization of Turkish States of the pseudo-state as an observer. And he argued that his own proposal is the only feasible path for peace and stability in the region.

In this context, he said, his expectation from the new Greek leader who will be elected – meaning the new President of the Republic of Cyprus – is “to show a leadership will with a vision far from dogmas and to realize that the policy we are promoting by looking outside the box is the most realistic approach that will benefit not only Cyprus but the entire region”.< /p>

Based on the fact – in his expression – that their “state” is “sovereign and legitimate”, he argued that the solution “based on sovereign equality and the equal international regime implemented on this basis will bring cooperation, prosperity and stability to our island and region”.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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