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Tatar: No legal obstacles to Varosia conversion

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Tatar: No legal obstacles to Varosia conversion

There is no legal obstacle to turning Varos into a civilian zone, said Turkish leader Ersin Tatar, although he said it was not right for them to take premature steps. The Turkish Cypriot leader said that in case of no solution, Cyprus would remain divided, but ruled out the possibility of annexing the occupied territories to Turkey.

Answering questions from the Turkish Diplomatic Correspondents Association, Ersin Tatar said they would attend a five-member (5 plus 1) summit to be organized by the UN to express their views. “There is no question of retreating there. “We tell everyone who comes here,” he said. Ersin Tatar said that “for the first time in years, perhaps, the Turkish side is preparing for negotiations in full unanimity with Turkey, which relieves us while strengthening our position.”

For Varosia, Ersin Tatar said that the infrastructure and the cleaning of the area continue and that after years they managed to reach a pace in favor of the Turkish Cypriots. He claimed that the Turkish Cypriots have succeeded at a global level, while he claimed that if one looks at the realities in Cyprus, there is now a new situation. “Turkey is my motherland and it has always been by my side. Turkey is a guarantor country. Turkey is the largest country in the region, it is the most powerful and leading country. “When the Turkish Cypriot side moves with the Turkish Republic in this region, the scales are on our side,” said Ersin Tatar.

According to the Turkish Cypriot leader, conditions in Cyprus and the region have changed. “Cyprus is not the old Cyprus, the eastern Mediterranean is not the eastern Mediterranean, conditions are changing.” He argued that two states living side by side on the basis of sovereign equality could work together. “Cooperation can be done by sharing energy resources. “Cooperation can be done in other issues as well, but it is essential to be side by side”, he said. He argued that the federation could be created out of necessity but they themselves do not have such a need.

Asked about the allocation of natural resources in case of an agreement, Ersin Tatar said that the T / Cs are entitled to at least 30% of the natural wealth. He stated that the Greek Cypriots also accept that the Turkish Cypriots have a right to natural wealth, but with his 'I am the sovereign' approach.

Ersin Tatar said that in the absence of an agreement, the island would remain divided and become even more integrated with Turkey. Asked if it will be annexed to Turkey, he said that there will be no issue of annexation on the agenda and that “the Turkish Cypriots are used to self-government, they are very dependent on Turkey”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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