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Tatar: Probable date for “elections” January 9 – Saner does not want to continue as “prime minister”

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The Turkish leader, Ersin Tatar, had a meeting with the independent “MP” Bertan Zaroglou, who said that the early “elections” in the occupied territories could take place on January 9 and that the “parliament” should decide on the date.

Mr Zaroglou said he had exchanged views with Tatar on the possibility of forming a “new government”. He added that at the moment no “new government” can be formed by the current “parliament”.

He said that the political parties have agreed on certain dates for the “early elections”, noting that the “parliament” must decide on the date.

For his part, Mr. Tatar said that there is no possibility of forming a “government” from this “parliament”.

He pointed out that he had talked to the “attorney general” today and that according to the “constitution” he should wait 60 days before announcing a date for early “elections” but the “parliament” can make such a decision at any time.

He said that today he had a meeting with Ersan Saner, who told him that he did not want to continue to be “prime minister”.


Source: politis.com.cy

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