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Tatar: Rejects the MOEs before he even reads them

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Tatar: Rejects the MOEs before he even reads them

Andreas Pimpisis

Ersin Tatar hastens in advance to reject the confidence-building measures of the Greek Cypriot side, before they are written and sent to him. He stated that he would not view positively the MOE that President Anastasiadis would suggest to him, reiterating the position that they would not respond to approaches that affect the essence of the Cyprus problem “without accepting the equal sovereign regime of the Turkish Cypriots”.

According to Ersin Tatar (source in Bayrak / GTP), the proposals, which include the return of Varos and the subsequent transfer of the illegal airport to Typo to the United Nations, are aimed at “further degrading the status of the TRNC and presenting it as of the Republic of Cyprus “. He reiterated for the umpteenth time that “it is not possible for them to relinquish their rights under the 1960 agreements.”

Claiming that the transfer of Varos to the Greek Cypriots means a concession of sovereignty, Tatar said they must defend their position to the end and work to revive the economy with the support of the “motherland”.


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Expressing the view that the policy they are implementing in Varosi is supported by the “people”, Tatar said that more than 400 thousand people have visited Varosi so far and claimed: “We have authorized the Real Estate Commission to return the property to the old residents. them there. Nothing will be done illegally. This is the reason for the reaction of the Greek Cypriot side. A policy will continue in this way. Greek Cypriots come, they walk. It is a right policy and the exploitation of this part, its return to humanity, the regulation of infrastructure will continue “.

Describing the Republic of Cyprus' armaments and military investments in vain, Tatar said that Turkey says in any case that it will not allow the usurpation of the rights of the Turkish Cypriot “people”. He claimed that these military investments would not have any effect other than the tension in the region and wondered how far the Greek Cypriot side wants to go by escalating the tension.

Arguing that there is a balance in the region and “two separate sovereign and equal states”, Tatar claimed: “This has been the case for 60 years. Even if you do not recognize the north, the Turkish Cypriot people rule themselves. After the 1950s-60s it continues with an economy that serves its own people. We could not get where we wanted to go because these injustices were done. There is no question of abolishing the “TRNC” with a trap and getting stuck in them. We can live calmer, more prosperous in two separate states living side by side. What I say every day is becoming more perceptible and people are learning it. I believe that this information will be in our favor. “

Commenting on the position of the European Union towards the positions of the Turkish Cypriot side, he said: “They understand us very well. But, they say you have to agree with the Greek Cypriot side. They are strong because of the Republic of 1960. The other side that sees Cyprus as a Greek island, said “no” from the beginning to the Annan Plan, but again they succeeded and joined the EU […] Continues its stance in the East “The Greek Cypriot side is Mediterranean, which considers itself superior to us and has received the support of the EU as well.”

He wants the pseudo-state in the OTK

Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kiran (Ankara Anatolia / GTP source) said that Turkey wants the TRNC to join the Organization of Turkish States.

Kiran made the remarks speaking at a conference titled “30th Anniversary of the Restoration of Turkey-Azerbaijan Diplomatic Relations” held in Ankara by the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Studies (SETA).

Noting that the Turkish State Organization (TDT) can no longer be hidden in its shell, Kiran said: “We want to complete the family image in the Turkish State Organization by participating in the TRNC. The developing relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan have greatly contributed to the momentum gained here. We will have the opportunity to achieve much more in the next period “.

Dialogue with the EU in the logic of two states

Ersin Tatar held a teleconference with Mario Navas, Director General of EU Structural Reforms. According to a statement issued by Ersin Tatar's office, the Turkish Cypriot leader told the European official that he was ready to cooperate with the EU.

Noting that the Turkish Cypriot side is ready to produce and implement plans aimed at preventing the negative effects of the pandemic on both sides of the island, Tatar stressed the importance of the Turkish Cypriot side participating in clean energy projects and making investments. the EU in green environmentally friendly green energy projects. “Environmental pollution knows no borders,” he said.

Source: www.philenews.com

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