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Tatar spoke about a game of Greek domination in the occupied territories

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Tatar spoke about a game of Greek domination in the occupied territories

“The game that is being played is to become a patch in the Republic of Cyprus and we will not play this game,” said Turkish leader Ersin Tatar in an interview with the illegal “Bayrak”, reiterating that in the informal meeting the 5 + 1 will go for to defend the position for a solution based on the sovereign equality of two states that will work together side by side.

According to reports in the occupied territories, Mr. Tatar claimed that the mentality of the Greek Cypriots has not changed and their mentality is to extend their dominance over time to the “north” through an agreement on a federal basis.

He also reiterated that despite the Greek Cypriot no and the Turkish Cypriot yes in the Annan referendum, only the Cypriots were accepted in the EU and claimed that the UN Secretary-General had admitted in their recent conversation that an injustice had been done to Τ / κ.

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Defending the position that the Greek Cypriots do not want to share either power or natural resources with the Turkish Cypriots and that by his own election to the leadership of the community, the Turkish Cypriots embraced his own ideas, in which they should to show respect, Mr Tatar said that if there was to be an agreement it would have to be between the parties.

If there is no agreement, he continued, they will go on the path of recognizing the pseudo-state, saying that the value of the “tdbk” – as mentioned in the pseudo-state – has been upgraded. The eastern Mediterranean today is not as old, nor is today's Cyprus the old Cyprus, he added. “We are in a strategic position. We have a strong Turkey behind us. “

In case of an agreement on the Cyprus issue, said the Turkish leader, it will be easier to share energy reserves. “Turkey will not give up this job (energy). Ships with C / C flag can not enter the ports of Turkey. Planes from Russia and the Far East fly to the island via Greece. “If the status quo continues, the Greek Cypriots will also lose.”

Referring to Varosi, he said that despite the pandemic, 100,000 people had visited the fenced area of Famagusta since it opened and which “became a destination. Tourists from Turkey and elsewhere have visited Varosi. If tourists come they will definitely visit Varosi. As long as tourism starts “.

“We have told the UN and other officials that we want to open Varosi in accordance with human rights, without contradicting UN resolutions,” he added.

Source: www.philenews.com

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