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Tatar: The accession of Cyprus to the EU “third coup”, one of the most important obstacles for a solution

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    EU accession 'third coup' and obstacle to solution, claims Tatar – Declaration-delirium on the anniversary of Cyprus's accession to the EU

    The accession of Cyprus to the EU has become one of the most important obstacles in front of the hope of finding a solution to the Cyprus issue, he claimed today the Turkish leader Ersin Tatar, even characterizing the accession as a “third coup“.

    As reported by the occupied territories, Tatar issued a written statement on what he called the “20th anniversary of the unilateral accession of the Greek administration of southern Cyprus to the European Union”.

    In his written statement, Tatlar states that 20 years ago today, “the EU accepted the Greek Cypriot administration of southern Cyprus as a member of the EU, against its own criteria, thus introducing the Cypriot”, adding that this has now passed, going down in history as “< strong>one of the clearest examples of how the international system breaks its own rules” and that “this became one of the most important obstacles in front of the hope of finding a solution to the Cyprus problem on the basis of sharing”.

    “The Corporate Republic of 1960, established as an enforcement of the sovereign equality of the two peoples, was abolished in 1963 by the Greek Cypriot side by changing the immutable articles of the constitution and UNITY was attempted with the armed attacks against innocent Turkish Cypriot civilians on December 21 “, he argued. “To stop armed attacks against the Turkish Cypriots, the UN Security Council deployed the UN Peacekeeping Force to the island with resolution 186, but with the same resolution the Greek Cypriot leadership was given the right to represent the entire island. This development, which was the beginning of the unacceptable status quo, was in fact the first coup (coup) that created the Cyprus problem,” claims Ersin Tatar in his statement.

    And he continues by stating that “as is known, the second coup (coup) was carried out by the Greek junta and its supporters on the island on July 15, 1974 and finally peace and tranquility came to the island, thanks to the peace operation carried out by the Turkish armed forces forces on July 20, 1974, using the right derived from international agreements”.

    He went on to claim that “with the borders formed since that date, the two peoples have reached our days of self-government, side by side in their own states for 50 years. Despite the efforts to arm the Greek Cypriot side, peace and tranquility is maintained in Cyprus, thanks to the presence of the Turkish armed forces on the island and the deterrent force they create”.

    Claiming that during this period, “the Greek Cypriot leadership, which has mobilized all means to maintain its unjust and illegal status, has used the negotiation processes as a tool to ensure that the comfort zone they have created will not be disrupted” , Tatar reports that in 56 years, the Greek Cypriot side, which said “no” to all kinds of plans and proposals, was rewarded with EU membership a week after it said “no” to the Annan Plan referendum. “This was the third coup (coup) on the island of Cyprus,” he added.

    Tatar said that 20 years ago, the Greek Cypriot leadership had said that Cyprus was now an EU problem and added that “with this accession, the EU, which claims to be based on the values ​​of the rule of law and human rights, has become part, even the most basic defender, of the inhumane isolation to which the Turkish Cypriot people have been subjected since 1963”.

    “The Turkish Cypriot people, who have demonstrated their good will, including the referendum to finalize the Cypriot by compromise, are still in isolation. Although the Turkish Cypriots worked with all their good intentions during the Annan Plan period, clearly expressing their will at the polls, the international community suddenly reversed its promises,” he further argued.

    ” The Turkish Cypriots do not only distrust the Greek Cypriot people. Our people have also lost confidence in the international community. The international community has shown that the promises they have made are a policy of deception, and some of its officials have even expressed this unacceptable fact themselves. In the context of this shameful image created by the international community, I made it clear that we will no longer be fooled by these and similar promises”, Tatar continues his claims.

    He repeats the position that “if a compromise is found in Cyprus, negotiations on this issue can only begin as a new process with the confirmation of our sovereign equality and equal international status”.

    It is, he argues, “also important to stop the isolation, which has been imposed on the Turkish people since 1963. As the Turkish Cypriot side, after confirming our sovereign equality and equal international status, we are ready to enter a constructive process based on our proposal that we put on the table at the 5+UN informal meeting in Geneva in 2021”.

    However, he says, “the Turkish Cypriot side will not take part in any process that includes or even refers to the exhausted solution federation, for which we have clearly stated that we have withdrawn our consent”.

    Concluding, Ersin Tatar stated that “we do not accept being deprived of our inherent rights due to the isolation policy pursued by the oppressive Greek Cypriot regime, the which uses the instruments of the third coup (coup) carried out by the EU making the Greek Cypriots a unilateral member. We will work tirelessly to assert these rights.”

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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