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Tatar: The Church sees Cyprus as a Greek island

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Tatar: The Church sees Cyprus as a Greek island

The Church sees Cyprus as a Greek island, Ersin Tatar told Turkish state television TRT Haber, reacting to images of priests firing at a National Guard firing range.

Ersin Tatar said that “the spirit of EOKA, the dream of the union of Cyprus with Greece is always alive in the Greek part of Cyprus, this is what happens”.

He claimed that “the churches began to shape the country's politics because they are financially strong”, adding that the leader of the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus was Archbishop Makarios and that when the Republic of Cyprus was founded, he was the President of both T / Cs and E /K.

“A priest becomes the president of a Muslim people. There is an error here. If there are two different peoples in Cyprus and there is a partnership of two different peoples in the establishment of the Republic, why does a priest become the President of these two peoples? Here the Church also starred in the activities of EOKA. He helped establish EOKA, provided resources, supported attacks and genocides against the Turkish Cypriots and forced the Turkish Cypriots to emigrate. The religion and racism of the Greek Cypriots are at the highest level. The same perception continues today. “The Church sees Cyprus as a Greek island,” said Ersin Tatar.

The Turkish Cypriot leader said that “motherland has always been on the side of the Turkish Cypriots. He never left them alone in the fight. The sacred bonds between us will continue. “The Republic of Turkey is the guarantor country and its presence on the island is very important.”


Source: www.philenews.com

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