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Tatar: The mandate to form a “government” to the president of KEE

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The chairman of the KEE and winner of the “parliamentary elections”, Faiz Suzuoglu, will give the order to form a “government”, announced Ersin Tatar, after the completion of his contacts today with the leaders of the parties that entered the “parliament”.

The Turkish Cypriot leader said that he exchanged views with the political leaders on this issue, noting that he could give the order after the new members of the “parliament” were sworn in first. This ceremony can take place 10 days after the publication of the final results of the “elections” in the “official newspaper”.

Faiz Suzuoglu said that this period until the receipt of the mandate to form a “government” will have some meetings and he already had informal contacts. It is not appropriate, he said, to form a two-party “government” only. “It can be two or even three parties.” He estimated that by mid-February the new “cabinet” will be ready.

He reiterated that he will see all the parties in the “parliament” and does not exclude any of them. He reiterated that their precondition is stability and their goal is a “government” not of one and a half years, but of five years.

Meanwhile, the president of the KA, Erhan Arikli, had mentioned earlier that they were offered to join the “government”, they would evaluate it and they intend to put their hand in the fire, despite the fact that they would like to stay in the opposition. In the meeting with Mr. Tatar, Mr. Arikli was accompanied by the also “MP” for the first time with his party, Talib Atalay, former Mufti and Secretary General, Enver Ozturk.

He said that some radical decisions are needed and it does not seem easy for a “government” of 27 “deputies” to make such decisions. He added that a three-party coalition appears to be in place “and the formulas by which this can be achieved are well known.

The president of the KL, Kutret Ozersay, stated that they exchanged views with Mr. Tatar on the new political situation that was created, but nothing clear was put on the table in one direction or the other. He said that the KL will assess the situation in its competent bodies and then will be able to declare whether it will participate in a possible “coalition government”.

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Fikri Ataoglou, stated that they discussed with Mr. Tatar the work that needs to be done in the next period within the framework of the “electoral law” and what they could do to implement what is contained in the “electoral manifesto” of the party. and form a “government” in a short time. It is their responsibility, he added, to work to overcome the difficulties and as DK they never shied away from their responsibilities.

RTK President Tufan Erhurman said they had exchanged views with Tatar on the formation of the new “government” and added that the mandate to form a “government” should be given as soon as possible to KEE leader Faiz Suzuoglu. must complete the formation of a “government” quickly, since “the country is in a very serious crisis.”


Source: www.philenews.com

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