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Tatar: The result of the “parliamentary” sends a message for a solution of two states

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The result of the early “parliamentary elections” in the occupied territories sends the message to the world that the policy for a “two-state solution” was accepted by the “people”, claimed the Turkish leader Ersin Tatar.

Given that the KEE is the party with the most votes and that the votes of the DK, which is its partner in the current “government” have not decreased, it can be concluded that the political vision and arguments put forward by the “government” are accepted by the world, said Mr. Tatar. According to reports from the occupied territories, the Turkish leader referred to the continuation of the current “government”, possibly with the cooperation of another party.

Tatar announced that he would start meetings with the political parties from tomorrow and after these meetings he could order the formation of a “government” to Faiz Sutsuoglu, the leader of the KEE who emerged first in the “elections”.

Commenting on the low turnout, he attributed it to the fact that there were many who did not participate due to the pandemic and the Omicron variant, the cold weather and the fact that many registered voters live abroad.

Addressing those who boycotted the “elections” for various reasons, Tatar recalled that he had made many appeals to reflect the will of the people in the “elections”. “Those who boycotted the elections do not have the right to speak at this time. A difficult process awaits us. There are economic problems and structural distortions in the country. “In order to correct them, serious decisions must be made and the necessary support must be given here through the protocols of economic cooperation with the Turkish Republic,” Tatar said, while congratulating the KEE and Faiz Soutsouoglu, who increased the number of “deputies”.

The T / C leader congratulated all the political parties that elected “deputies” for their success, as well as the RTK, which will continue to function as an “official” opposition after the increase of its votes, stating that it is necessary to pay attention. to what the “official” opposition said in this process.

He added that the policy of the two states that he promoted 15 months ago and the policy that he promoted after his election, according to which there can be an agreement in Cyprus with the cooperation of two sovereign states, was once again confirmed by the “people ». Support for this policy in the newly formed “parliament” reaches 65%, he claimed.

“These results are a slap in the face, in my opinion, against marginalized groups that develop daily annoying rhetoric against Turkey and against us,” he said, adding that “the election process was conducted with democratic maturity and a democratic perception.”

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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