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Tatar to Guterres: Equal status is a historical fact

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Tatar to Guterres: Equal status is a historical fact

“Equal status on both sides is an acceptable historical reality in Cyprus,” Ersin Tatar told Antonio Guterres, adding that the reasons for the creation of two separate administrations with administrative and judicial bodies were due to the end of the common state created in 1960. by the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots with the occupation in 1963 of the constitutional cooperative by the Greek Cypriots.

A written statement by the representative of the Turkish leader, Berna Celik Dogruyol, for last night's teleconference between Mr. Tatar and the UN Secretary General states that it lasted about half an hour and was in a constructive and honest atmosphere.

In this statement referring to the content of the Tatar-Guterres conversation, Ms. Dogruyol added that the Turkish leader claimed in the conversation with the UN Secretary General that on July 30, 1974 in Geneva, with the participation of the Foreign Ministers of Turkey, the UK and Greece, confirmed that there are two autonomous administrations in Cyprus, saying that “the two states on the island within their borders, have been working for almost half a century to maintain public order and improve the quality of life of their peoples.” In the light of the “reality” that these can not be undone, Mr. Tatar claimed, a possible agreement in Cyprus should be based on the existing two states and sovereign equality.

Ersin Tatar told the secretary general, according to his spokeswoman, that the negotiations on the basis of the federal solution, which began in Beirut in 1968 and have been going on for more than half a century now, have failed due to the “uncompromising stance of the e / k which refuses to share power, administration and prosperity on the island with the Turkish Cypriots. “

During this period, the Turkish Cypriots “were trapped in inhuman isolation and this can no longer continue,” Mr. Tatar added, emphasizing to Mr. Guterres that there is a need for a new negotiating base in Cyprus commensurate with the realities of our day and against the unchanging mentality of sovereignty of the e / k side. “A just, realistic and sustainable compromise must be based on sovereign equality and the cooperation of two states with equal international status,” he said.

According to the representative of the Turkish Cypriot leader, the UN Secretary General reportedly told Mr. Tatar that he knew the position and what the Turkish side wanted and that he could explain this attitude to the 5 + UN meeting and expressed the expectation that the parties would reach an agreement on common ground that would allow formal negotiations.

Mr Guterres is also said to have said that he would like the 5 + UN informal meeting to take place in New York, but the place and time depends on the US government arranging for the fight against Covid 19 and informing the parties. when he clarifies the matter.

Source: www.philenews.com

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