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Tatar to Lut: We are only discussing a two-state solution – He said he was ready for an informal conference

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Tatar to Lut: We are only discussing a two-state solution - He said he was ready for an informal conference

“If there are formal talks, we have clarified that the Turkish side, in consultation with Turkey, can negotiate a co-operation between two states that will live side by side on the basis of sovereign equality,” Ersin Tatar said after meeting with Special Envoy. of the UN Secretary General for the Cypriot Jane Hall Lut.

According to reports from the occupied territories, the Turkish leader had a one-and-a-half-hour meeting with the UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy, from which he expressed satisfaction, saying that the impression he gained was that his position and arguments were met. Mr Tatar spoke of an informal five-party summit in New York in late February-early March, saying he did not want to discuss MOE.

He reiterated – he said – to Ms. Lut that the talks on the federation that have been going on for 50 years have not brought any result and now the Turkish side, with its own election and in consultation with Turkey, is now in search of an agreement. at the base of two states that will cooperate and live side by side with sovereign equality.

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Ms. Luth continued, she will consult with the guarantor countries and the UN Secretary General and after clarifying whether or not there is “a territory”, a 5 + 1 meeting can be held in New York at the end of February – beginning of March, in a a date that will suit everyone “.

The other sides will also discuss with Ms. Lut, he added, if such a 5-day meeting can take place and if with their positions there is ground with the positions set by the sides.

“I am very pleased with the meeting. Because in the end, I feel that the argument we are making, our arguments, is beginning to be accepted. I got this impression. In the final, we clearly set our positions. “

His position on a “cooperation of two states on the basis of sovereign equality” is not a precondition for a 5 + 1 meeting, but he clarified that if after the five-party meeting, with the views he has expressed, there is room for discussion, then conversations can continue.

This is what the realities in Cyprus now demand, otherwise it is a waste of time, he added. “Cyprus is no longer the old Cyprus. The eastern Mediterranean is not the old eastern Mediterranean. “Many things have changed in the region, there are the rights and interests of different regions in the search for hydrocarbons, Turkey is decisive in this.”

He and his team, he continued, are in constant consultation with Turkey, the Turkish Foreign Minister has known the issue for years and with the orders of the Turkish President the process is progressing.

Mr. Tatar also said that reference to two states has been made in recent weeks in the Turkish press, arguing that his own approach to a two-state cooperation is now being discussed in New York and Washington. The parameters of the UN are the responsibility of the Secretary General, they formulate their policy taking into account them, they will try to be in this direction the process. We say that 50 years later, we must see these parameters again “.

Ersin Tatar also announced that next Friday he will call the political leaders to inform them about the meeting with Ms. Lut and all the latest developments.

In a journalist report on the letter of President Anastasiadis to the UN Secretary General and the UN, the Turkish leader said that he also told Ms. Lut that “the UN is out of the discussion at the 5 + 1 meeting. They are details, they should not be misled from the main issue. We do not want the issue of MOE to be on the agenda of the meeting. That fact must be taken into account. “

He reiterated the argument that the e / k “people” is not superior to the c / c “people”, in his expression, and that in Cyprus there are two peoples, the T / k and the E / k. And the Turkish Cypriots have at least equal rights with the Greek Cypriots in this country “.

“Turkey's determination and the developments in the region give strength to the Turkish Cypriots as well,” he continued, saying that in this sense the step was taken in Varosi. The main thing, he said, is if after the informal meeting formal talks start on the basis of sovereign equality and the Greek Cypriots and the international community accept that the Turkish Cypriot side “has the same status as the Greek Cypriots. we will not accept with the MOE to divert the issue elsewhere “.

Answering another question, Mr. Tatar said that an agreement must now be reached based on the realities in Cyprus. “It was also discussed: this is the last chance, it is really a really important turn, if we manage it properly, it can be for everyone's benefit.” He concluded by saying that they are working in 100% harmony with Turkey and they started to see the results of their work and that is why “I am very happy”.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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