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Tatar: Turkey will have the strongest say in the Eastern Mediterranean in the future

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Tatar: Turkey will have the strongest say in the Eastern Mediterranean in the future

In the future, Turkey will have the strongest say in the eastern Mediterranean, Ersin Tatar said in an interview with the Turkish news agency DHA, adding that “Turkey is the country that will have the strongest and greatest potential in the future in the eastern Mediterranean.”

“It is not possible to continue the peace in any equation where the Republic of Turkey is not involved, therefore the Republic of Turkey will always be there,” he said. For the EastMed pipeline, he said that “it was a project to push us and the Republic of Turkey out on the issue of natural wealth distribution. It turned out that this project was not possible, so it was something we knew. “America and other countries have also formed an opinion on this issue.”

The Turkish leader reiterated that for the continuation of peace in Cyprus and the region, there must be an agreement based on equality. The “tdbk”, he said, referring to the pseudo-state, “should also be included in an agreement based on equality”.

He referred to the proposal of Tayyip Erdogan, for a broad conference on the distribution of hydrocarbons in Cyprus. “Both the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots will take part in this meeting and an assessment will be made of what kind of agreement can be reached on the basis of equality,” he said. Unfortunately, he added, “the Greek Cypriots, the Greeks and some European countries make calculations as if there are no Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus, pushing us out of the efforts but these calculations do not work.”

“We are pleased to act together with the Republic of Turkey in this struggle. Turkey says at every opportunity: “We will not undermine either our rights or the rights of the 'tdbk' in the eastern Mediterranean.” “This gives us strength because in the future the T / Cs also have the right and share in the sharing of this wealth,” said Mr. Tatar.

At the same time, he reiterated the position of two “peoples” and two “states” in Cyprus. “The more domination they have, the more we have,” he said. “When we look at Cyprus, the importance of Cyprus becomes apparent after Rhodes and Crete. Once again, we all know how valuable Cyprus is and its status is extremely strategic and geopolitical. “Cyprus is very important, very valuable,” he said.

It is also important, he added, “in terms of geography, history, as a point where trade routes intersect. It is only 40 miles from Turkey. “Turkey is a large country of 85 million today and 100 million tomorrow, which should have the most say in the Mediterranean, with a coastline of 2 thousand kilometers from the Gulf of Alexandretta to the Aegean islands.”

According to Tatar, “the country that will have the strongest say in the future in the eastern Mediterranean will be Turkey. “Peace cannot be sustained in any equation that does not involve the Republic of Turkey.”

Therefore, he added, “the Republic of Turkey will always be there. “Then a just solution can emerge.” “Unfortunately, we are not close to this situation at the moment. “The other side is always trying to exclude us,” said Ersin Tatar.
The Turkish leader also claimed that “the Greek Cypriots are constantly deploying soldiers and weapons at the border”, referring to the line of opposition.

With the “peace operation” of 1974, he said referring to the Turkish invasion, “the right of the Turkish people was won in Cyprus and two states were formed”. Since then, he added, “there is a lot of armaments in the south.”

“We know that there is a Turkish nation 40 miles away, but there is a Turkish nation of 85 million people. “Everyone knows the power of the Republic of Turkey, so we are looking at Turkey,” he said.

“We never leave the field empty. Nobody wants a conflict, but the 'south' side should also be careful. Who will this weapon be used for? Because in front of them is a great nation. “We do not need to talk anymore, the equipment is in vain,” he concluded.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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