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Tatar: We will not lose anything if there is no result in Geneva

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Tatar: We will not lose anything if there is no result in Geneva

As an opportunity to explain that the federation as a concept has been overcome, sees the informal pentagon the Turkish leader, Ersin Tatar, stating that if there is no result in the meeting in Geneva, the Turkish side has nothing to lose with the steps that have done the reconstruction, reform of the pseudo-state is not far off.

According to reports from the occupied territories, in an interview with the Turkish “news agency”, Ersin Tatar said that on Friday he would meet with the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, on Monday with the Special Envoy of the Secretary General. of the UN, Jane Hall Luth and then will inform the Turkish Cypriot parties, while before the informal five-party meeting in Geneva, she will inform the “parliament”.

According to the Turkish leader, “national struggles are not easily resolved, they will maintain their correct stance regardless of the results that will emerge from Geneva”.

Mr Tatar said the UN was aware that the federation was over, adding that after Crans Montana even Mustafa Akinci said it was the last attempt by his generation for a federation. If a process starts from now on, the Turkish leader continued, it will be different this time.

And the UN Secretary-General, he added, had said he was open to new ideas. “We are taking an important step,” Ersin Tatar said, adding that he would explain in Geneva that if there was a fair and lasting agreement, it would have to be based on co-operation between two sovereign states. “After all, that's true now.”

The pseudo-state, he said, may not be recognized politically by anyone but Turkey, “nor has any attempt been made to do so,” but it has relations, either in trade or in education, with 100 other countries.

As for appeals to him to explain “what is there when he says two states”, Mr. Tatar said that “there is my people, there is my state, there is our struggle and an opportunity for a federation that was over because we did not see good intentions from the opposite side “. If all these unions, he said, there is a strong position and there is no other way but the two states.

In case, he continued, that with the approval of both sides there is no agreement, they will proceed with the support of Turkey to other alternatives, in the effort to strengthen the pseudo-state, to open up to the international community and that will go to Geneva to explain.

He said that he has mentioned these in the contacts he has had so far with EU officials and foreign officials and said that they listen to him carefully.

“Cyprus is no longer the same, nor is the eastern Mediterranean,” Tatar said. “Turkey is behind us, the balance has shifted in our favor and Cyprus is even more important.” The pseudo-state, he argued, has been strengthened by its policies and actions, such as the Varosi initiative, and its harmonized policy with that of Turkey.

According to Mr. Tatar, when he explains his position, “I see that we are really right but they say that the last word in order for an agreement to be reached, belongs to both sides”.

The important point, said Ersin Tatar, is that if the Turkish Cypriot “people” do not approve of what will happen, then there is an alternative and it is the continuation of the pseudo-state “that is why we have nothing to lose”.

His goal, he said, is that in the event of an agreement, it ensures the existence and the future of the Turkish Cypriot “people” and does not endanger them, and in this matter it is obvious how important Turkey's guarantees are.

Mr. Tatar reiterated that his respect for the EU is a given, however the Union, having Greece and the Greek Cypriots as members, has taken a stand and cannot participate in the informal 5 +1.

Ersin Tatar identified himself as “representative of the Denktash school” in the Cyprus issue and like him – he said – he is not going to relinquish sovereignty. As for those who say he is against the solution, Ersin Tatar said that after Rauf Denktash, Mehmet Ali Talat was elected, who – like Mustafa Akinci – could not reach a solution.

Mr. Tatar also referred to statements by the Turkish President when he visited the occupied territories last November, that they are working on new steps in every field for the reconstruction, reform of the pseudo-state.

Source: www.philenews.com

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