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Tatar's demand for the resignation of the occupied RTK – See how he responded

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Ersin Tatar's resignation from the “presidency” of the pseudo-state was demanded by the opposition party, RTK, considering the Turkish Cypriot leader as the main architect of the crises in the occupied territories.

RTK statement states that both Tatar and the current “government” were sitting in their seats as a result of interventions, adding that Ersin Tatar is not the representative of the Turkish Cypriot “people”, but the body of interventions.

“Mr. Tatar should stop fighting in vain as soon as possible and in order to pave the way for society he should resign from the position he and the government found themselves in due to interventions.”

He criticizes him for attacking the opposition and the RTK, trying to create fear around him, to marginalize society and to force him to be rewarded.

In our “country”, where citizens are getting poorer every day and young people continue to migrate, the main architect of the crisis is Ersin Tatar, who sits in the “presidential office”, adding that he and the representatives of this mentality are trying to protect their positions creating chaos.

Those who took office with interventions, do not represent the will of the T/C “people”, notes the RTK in its announcement. “Mr Tatar has succumbed to interference. “It played a leading role in creating an illegitimate government as a product of interventions,” the current “government” said.

He also states that no country takes Ersin Tatar seriously, does not represent the “people”, what he says and does every day, becomes the object of ridicule and as perpendicular to the “presidential”, this is a “shame”. “Mr Tatar is giving up his last fights, thinking that this is how he can get out of the situation he is in.” He calls on him not to further humiliate the “institution” he holds to resign immediately. The “people” who do not like you, will continue to fight in the streets and in the “parliament”, concludes the announcement of RTK.

Tatar Answer >

Instead of helping to solve the problems of the “country” and the “people”, the RTK and its president, Tufan Erhiurman, are trying to create an atmosphere of chaos, tension and conflict, and with what is defined in psychology as “obsession”, it continues to target “President” Ersin Tatar, quotes a statement from the “presidency” in response to RTK. He stated that the political situation of Mr Erichurman's position was significant.

due to interventions, saying that Mr. Tatar received 52% of the vote. “Mr. Erichurman is called upon to show respect for the will of the people.”

In the most difficult period and while Mr. Erhiurman avoided taking his responsibilities and left the “government”, and while hiding the unjust and inhuman – as reported & # 8211; The embargo on the part of the Greek Cypriot side towards the Turkish Cypriots and their economy, but also the unilateral attitude of the EU, continues the “lies and untrue allegations” about the Turkish Cypriot leader, it is added.

The RTK, he continues, still insists on the federation's dream that it is unreal and reminds Mr. Erhiurman of the words of the “RTK spiritual leader, Mehmet Ali Talat”, who had once said that “I did not know that this is the case with the Greek Cypriots.” , there can be no solution, what can I do, hang in the sarai? “.

The demonstrations in the streets, saying that this is how he is trying to create a climate of fear, behind the RTK events – he added – there are people who raise banners “Eliminate occupying Turkey from Cyprus” and try to sever ties with Turkey. “Erhiurman and his party must know that the ties of the Turkish people with their motherland, Turkey, will never be damaged. “Turkey's motherland is the biggest support and the greatest security of the Turkish people.”

, lies and empty words.

Source: politis.com.cy

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