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Taxation: 11.5 thousand people declared income – The new payment service

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“The reason for the delay was the passing of legislation affecting tax year 2022 on June 30, 2023,” said Tax Commissioner Sotiris Markidis.

Φορολογλα: Δorλωσαν εισoδημα 11.5 χιλ. aτομα - Η &nu ;εα υπηρεσΙα πληρωμorς

About 16,000 taxpayers have already processed the Individual Income Statement without Accounts for the tax year 2022, which has been posted on the TAXISnet System on July 15, until the morning of Friday, July 21, of which 11,500 have finally submitted their Statement, Tax Commissioner Sotiris Markidis told KYPE.

If stated that the remaining 4,500 taxpayers “have processed their Declaration and have it in Provisional Receipt” and reminded that “in order for the declaration to be considered submitted, it must be submitted definitively”.

At the same time, the Tax Commissioner announced the implementation of a new service in the Declaration for the year 2022 which concerns the addition of a link (Link) which guides the taxpayer to the immediate payment of any tax debt that has been created automatically with the final submission of the Declaration.

He noted that based on the Decree of the Council of Ministers (KDP 373/2023) the obligation to submit a Personal Income Declaration for the tax year 2 022 have employees, pensioners and self-employed persons whose gross total income for the tax year 2021 exceeds the amount of €19,500.

At this point, Mr. Markidis apologized to the taxpayers for the delay in posting the Individual Income Statement in the TAXISnet System.

“The reason for the delay was the adoption of legislation affecting the tax year 2022 on June 30, 2023,” he said, adding that “the taxpayers for this delay would not be punished as the deadline for the filing of the declaration was July 2023, Year 2022 and payment of the tax -free tax and charges by October 2, 2023. Person 2022 '.

“The material includes a guide for completing the Declaration, a guide for paying the tax, examples and comparative tables of the application of the new provisions of the legislation concerning the first employment and which apply from the year 2022, as well as useful instructions for registration in the TAXISnet system and contact numbers”, he added.

He also said that “the 2022 return retains all the automations introduced in recent years for faster and easier completion by taxpayers”.

Specifically, he said that the retrieval of data from the General Accounting Office and the Social Insurance Service for Pensioners and Self-Employed is available, while the calculations of Totals, Income Tax, GeSY, Emergency Defense Contribution are available.

New service for the year 2022

In relation to the new service that was added, the Tax Commissioner told the KYPE that “at the last stage of completing the Declaration, after it has been definitively submitted, there is a link (Link) which guides the taxpayer to the immediate payment of any tax debt that has been created automatically with the final submission of the Declaration”.

He mentioned that the tax debt, after the Final Submission of the Declaration, is automatically registered in the Tax Portal (https://taxportal.mof. gov.cy/) and appears in the Debt Statement.

He added that next to each debt there is the possibility to go either to the electronic bank (internet banking) where the payment is made through the accounts that each taxpayer wants or to JCC Smart where without the use of additional codes the payment can be completed by using the credit/debit card.

According to Mr. Markidis, taxpayers who have already registered in TAXISnet will use the same codes, while in the event that someone has lost or forgotten the access codes to TAXISnet, as he explained, retrieving and sending new codes is done automatically through the TAXISnet website, selecting “Forgot my Access Codes” and entering the Tax Registration Number (TIN) and email address (e-mail).

Finally, he mentioned that for the Tax Portal, the same access codes that the taxpayer has for accessing the TAXISNet System apply and it is noted that all online payments take 1-2 business days to appear in your Payment Statement.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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