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Tembo's black anniversary: ​​”I didn't have time to get enough of you, my love, my diamond, neither did our Christos,” writes Athena's husband

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Μαύρη επΕτειοσ Τ εμπoν: «Δεν πρoλαβα να σε χορτασω &alpha ;γαπη μου, διαμαντι μου, οyτε ο Χρorσ&tau ;ος μας», γραφει ο σyζυγος της Αθη νaς

3-year-old Christos's first birthday, without his mom

Today is a black anniversary for the tragic accident in Tempe that claimed the lives of 57 people. The memories of the tragedy of February 28, 2023remain unchanged and the families mourn for their loved ones who “left” their lives so violently.

34-year-old Athina Katsara was on the fatal train with her husband Nikos. The a couple who had married in 2019 were not together at the time of the collision, since Nikos at that moment said he was going to the toilet of the carriage.

Athina was the first victim of the tragedy to be buried, leaving behind their three-year-old son.

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“Niko ton Christos”

Nikos, who was injured and hospitalized, described his wife's last words to voria.gr.

“I remember very well all our moments on the death train. Five minutes earlier we were in the canteen, we turned and sat in our seats, not many minutes passed and everything went black. Her last words were “Niko ton Christos”, as if she knew that she would leave and I would stay… As I found myself pinned to a sheet metal, I was pinching myself to see if what I was living at that moment was a nightmare or reality… I heard voices that they said “we are burning” and voices saying “ there will be an explosion”. A girl was surrounded by fire, and asking me for help and not being able to help her and apologizing to her, not having the strength to move and seeing the branch with the fire falling on the shoulder… God helped me and I took 6-7 steps and left the place where the fire was approaching… As time went by the voices became less and less and now I tell you with tears in my eyes because I understood why they were less. Not because they were released, but because many of these psychos were burned alive, I'm sure…”, he described.

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“I didn't have time to get enough of you, my love, my diamond, neither did our Christos”

Nikos, on the occasion of the black anniversary, through his personal account on online platform Instagram made an admittedly heartbreaking post.

“I didn't have time to get enough of you my love, my Athinoula, my diamond… Not even our Christos… Many unanswered <<why>> …many <<dead>> good morning , many <<dead>> good nights, many empty beds, many nightmares, nightmares of reality… that cursed night is approaching when we entered the death train, the train that flirted with your death for 12 minutes, so many dreams lost, so many bloody smiles, from absolute happiness to absolute misery …
This life has not treated us, it has not treated me well, my Athena, but I wish when we retaliate again, because we will retaliate again, that you pull me up to where you are in Upper Jerusalem and we live in that life where everything is beautiful, in eternity… I LOVE, WE LOVE”, he characteristically wrote.

The first birthday of little Christos without his mom

< p>Two weeks ago little Christos had his third birthday and the first without his mom. The husband of Athina, Nikos shocked with the posts he made.

“I know that today you would like your mom to be here to sing you the birthday song and wait how and how to do <<fu>> your candle…I know that every day every moment when you look into my eyes, you wish your mom's eyes were looking at you that shone so brightly when they looked at you, I also know that a mother's selfless love is incomparable to anything in the world and that will it is your eternal emptiness…. I know that I can offer you everything generously but not your mom … I also know that if it wasn't for you I might not be here today … I know that I will do everything to be a rock by your side for life … Happy birthday her love mom and dad's… WE LOVED OUR CHRISTAKE, OUR TITO, OUR ATHINODO…!!!!

P.S. I uploaded this photo to reach the screens of those responsible for the CRIME OF THE TEMBOS , to understand what can be missing more than a baby of just 3 years old… the mother who was deprived of it… Maybe it will reach the screen even in one of them…”, he characteristically wrote.

Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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