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TEPAK is establishing a Shipping department – 500 new students in the city in the near future

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TEPAK is establishing a Shipping department - 500 new students in the city in the near future

Very good news for the city of Limassol but in general for our country is the agreement of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth and the Cyprus University of Technology for the establishment of a new academic Department of Maritime Studies at the School of Management and Economics. According to the report of politis.com.cy, the creation of this department as well as the promotion of the immediate plans of the academic institution will strengthen the student population of the University in the city with 500 new students.

“Limassol is facing great challenges today, which have become even greater in the aftermath of the pandemic crisis. Challenges such as the protection of our sea and coasts and the environment in general, the achievement of sustainable development through the exploitation of the potential of our seas and coasts and in particular through ensuring a dynamic maritime and shipping agenda for competitiveness and job creation work. “These challenges are the essence of the blue economy and the primary goals of the policies of a Blue Limassol”, said recently at a press conference, the Mayor of Limassol Mr. Nikos Nikolaidis.

Its establishment is of strategic importance
The decision for the establishment and operation of the new department in the city of Limassol is of strategic importance as the shipping sector is one of the most important sectors of economic activity of the city and in Limassol operates the largest commercial port of the island.

Limassol is the seat of shipping
The vast majority of companies operating in this field are based in Limassol. Among them are important ship management companies and shipowners, which have played – and continue to play – an important role in the development of the shipping industry. Limassol, which is already one of the leading ship management centers in the world, is also home to the Ministry of Shipping.

European shipping hub the city
The forthcoming establishment of the Academic Department of Shipping in the city of Limassol, will be extremely helpful for one of the most promising sectors of the Cypriot economy, with obvious benefits. More specifically, the operation of the Department of Maritime Studies at TEPAK is going to enhance the quality and quantity of the trained human resources and the graduates of the Department are intended to cover the increased staffing needs of companies providing shipping services.

What the Rector of TEPAK told us
In a communication that politis.com.cy had with the Rector of TEPAK, Professor Panagiotis Zafeiris on the subject, he told us: “The heart of the shipping Cyprus and TEPAK is beating in Limassol. Our University is taking an important step towards the implementation of the National Shipping Strategy. The new Department will be a key partner of the State Department in achieving the goals it has set for cultivating a culture of research and innovation in shipping, ensuring adequate training and skills in the shipping profession and the green and sustainable development of the industry. “Coordinated actions are being taken with the Undersecretary and we will make announcements in the near future.”

He further stressed that the new Department will offer “opportunities for the development of research collaborations with shipping companies to meet the changing needs of the sector, making Limassol a European shipping hub”.

500 new students in Limassol
In addition, the Cyprus University of Technology plans to offer new study programs in its existing Departments. Specifically, the procedures for offering two new undergraduate programs are at an advanced stage: Product Design (BA in Product Design) by the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts and Occupational Therapy by the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences. In their full development, these programs together with the new Department of Maritime Studies, will strengthen the student population of the University of Limassol with 500 new students.

Application for the establishment of a department of Marine and Aquatic Biology
It is noted that TEPAK has submitted for examination to the Ministry of Education, a substantiated proposal for the establishment of another new Department, that of Marine and Aquatic Biology.

The Municipality of Limassol requests explanations from TEPAK for an agreement with Paphos

A few days ago at a joint conference of the Mayors of the Greater Limassol and the Presidents of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Limassol Tourism Development and Promotion Company, the annoyance of the city officials for the agreement Professions in Paphos.

According to an announcement by the Municipality of Limassol, during the discussion, strong reservations and concerns were expressed regarding this agreement, about which “there was no prior information”.

In the first stage, the meeting decided to request a meeting with the Council and the Rector's Authorities of TEPAK for information and discussion.

Source: politis.com.cy

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