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TEPAK is on a path of continuous development and modernization

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has undoubtedly affected many areas of social and economic life and has brought about significant and unexpected changes in things that we used to take for granted. The higher education sector could not be an exception.

During the pandemic, the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK) demonstrated resilience, flexibility and adaptability, aiming to continue the educational process, in conditions of maximum security for the entire university community. It has largely succeeded, proving in practice that it is a modern, daring and pioneering University, which overcomes difficulties and turns challenges into opportunities.

Responding to the challenges of the times but also the needs of a modern society, TEPAK moves forward with firm and decisive steps and looks to the future with optimism and creativity, having as its clear and non-negotiable orientation, the provision of quality education and production of high quality research. at the end of the mission entrusted to him by the state.

At the same time, the University is growing, modernizing, improving, for the benefit first and foremost of its students but also of the research and academic community. With a series of decisions, plans and primarily actions, TEPAK paves the way for Higher Education in Cyprus, as a modern and extroverted educational institution that emphasizes applied research and new technologies as well as sustainable development.

At the same time, it claims, with claims, to become one of the “Universities of the Future”. In this direction and given that the European Universities will be the Universities of the Future, TEPAK participates in the alliance of the eight European Universities that have as strategic goal the creation of a Common European University of Technology (EUt +). In fact, it is preparing, from September 2022, to welcome and send students to its “allied” Universities, thus making a practical start in the effort to formulate common European degrees. With the successful implementation of this admittedly ambitious design, students who choose TEPAK for their studies, will now have the opportunity to study and graduate from the European University of Technology. The importance and value of such a degree and the experiences required to obtain it, is obvious to the prospects of each graduate. It is worth noting that in addition to the academic field, all the necessary steps are taken so that the student experience of TEPAK students, as students of the European University of Technology (EUt +), is upgraded and complete. Issues of accommodation, support, socialization, integration and sports are promoted along with the required attention and effort.

In addition to the plans at European level, TEPAK is growing substantially within the national borders and is constantly updating its offered curricula and pedagogical methods of teaching and learning, based on the modern needs of the market and the digital age. Since this academic year, it has accepted the first students in the new undergraduate program “Integrated Communication Marketing”, while it is proceeding with the establishment of another new School, two academic Departments and an Institute. This is the School of Tourism Management, Hospitality and Entrepreneurship, which is expected to operate from September 2023, in collaboration with the Municipality of Paphos and which will include the existing Academic Department of Tourism and Hospitality, the new Academic Department of Business and Administration Digital Business and an Institute that will offer vocational training programs for food and other related professions. It is also proceeding with the establishment of a new Department of Shipping in the existing School of Management and Economics. At the same time, the existing schools are enriched with new undergraduate programs. The procedures for offering two new undergraduate programs are at an advanced stage: Product Design by the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts and Occupational Therapy by the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, which aim to meet modern needs in the field of research and economy. All Schools, Departments and study programs of TEPAK are posted on the official website of the University: https://www.cut.ac.cy/

At the same time, the positive evaluations of all study programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level through the Agency for Quality Assurance and Certification of Higher Education, continue and are completed based on the planning that has been done and is being implemented.

In combination with the above, there is a continuous effort to offer an increased number of courses that “equip” students with professional and social skills absolutely necessary for every graduate of Higher Education (eg financial education, information education, entrepreneurship). Offering an increased number of courses in English is also a permanent goal.

An important part of the whole effort for continuous development and modernization is the design, adoption and implementation of new policies as well as the upgrading of existing ones, such as the adoption of alternative forms of teaching and assessment and the receipt of feedback for a wide range of actions and actions. taking place within the university community. The main pillar of the whole effort is the modernization of infrastructure and services as well as the timely planning for the future. The above is just a small example of how the collective effort, with the involvement of all those who make up this public University of Cyprus (Council, academics, administrators and students), can have tangible and significant results. For students, research, knowledge, society.



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