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Terror on food shelves – Every month and more expensive without stopping

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Τρομος στα ραφ&iota ;α τροφiμων – Κaθε μorνα και πιο ακρ&iota ;βa χωρiς σταματημo

Big additional charges hit the consumer wallet in August as well , due to the continuing increases in the prices of almost all essential food products.

The data announced yesterday by the Statistical Service (following those announced a few days ago by Eurostat, which were equally worrying) show that the prices on the supermarket shelves will not only not decrease, but will continue – for unknown how long – to increase, making the cost of living unaffordable for thousands of households.

According to official figures, fresh vegetables and sugar now look like luxury goods in Cyprus, as these are the two categories that saw the biggest price appreciation in August. 23, compared to August '22.

– The category of fresh vegetables, excluding potatoes, rose 37.4%, while last year in August they had recorded a decrease of 35.2% but compared to a 54% increase in the same month in 2021.

– Vegetable prices rose 23.1% in August '23, while last year they were down 18.7%, after a 39.5% increase in 2021.

– Fresh fruit prices n rose 13.1% this year in August, compared to a decline of 27.8% last year and a rise of 34.5% in 2021.

– The price of sugar(which is among the products with the biggest appreciation in the last three years) rose 28.3% in August, while last year the increase was 43.2% and in 2021 it was 2.3%.

Increasingly more expensive

The data presented by 'Φ' shows that prices did not fall in any basic food category but instead saw big increases. p>

– Theprice of lamband goat meat showed an increase of 29% in August this year on an annual basis, compared to an increase of 4% in 2022 and 3.9% in 2021.

– The price ofbeef and vealrose 16.5% in August from 12% last year and 1.1% in 2021.

– The price increases of poultry were very subdued at 0.3% in August, from a 20.7% increase last year and a 0.7% decrease in 2021.

– The price of yoghurt rose 11.4% in August, up from 4.5% last August and 0.2% in 2021.

– In the cheese categorythe rise was 17.8% in August, from a 4.2% increase last year and a 0.2% decrease in 2021.

– Theprice of olive oilrose 13.1% , compared to 6.3% last year and 0.9% in 2021. All information converges that in the coming months and also in 2024 the price of olive oil will continue to rise, due to unsuitable weather conditions and reduced production.

Soft drink pricesalso rose (13.3%) in August, compared to a 10.3% rise in 2022 and 0.7% in 2021.

– Thebeer price rose 7.6% compared to a 5.8% increase in 2022 and a 0.3% decrease in 2021. Wine rose 7.6%, compared to a 2.5% increase in 2022 and a decline 0.9% in 2021.

Fuel and electricity declined

The picture for fuel prices is clearly better than in 2022.  According to the Statistical Service, the price of oil fell 14.8% in August '23, compared to a rise of 41.8% last year in the same month and 19.1% in 2021. The price of gasoline in August year-on-year fell 6.7% compared to a 25.7% rise last year and a 21.1% increase in 2021. However, recent weeks have seen new price increases, compared to those at the beginning of this summer. The price ofelectricity fell5.9% compared to a 62% rise last year and a 39.8% increase in 2021. The price of natural gas fell 4.6% in June on a year-over-year basis up 19.2% last year and 23.8% in 2021.

source: Philenews

Source: 24h.com.cy

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