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TEVEA: Concerns about T / A reform in Famagusta

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TEVEA: Concerns about T / A reform in Famagusta

The Famagusta Tourist, Commercial and Industrial Company (TEVEA) expresses concern and frustration over the scenario that favors the issue of Local Government reform, which concerns the province of Famagusta for the creation of three Municipalities and two Communities.

In a written announcement, TEVEA expresses “great concern and disappointment for the scenarios that prevail in terms of the long-awaited local government reform which is being discussed in the Parliamentary Committee on Interior. According to the latest information and as far as the province of Famagusta is concerned, the scenario of creating three Municipalities and two Communities seems to be in favor “.

It adds that “at the same time in this scenario, it appears that due to the non-creation of a critical population in the new local authorities, the reform will not include powers and powers that should be transferred to the local authorities in order to decentralize powers from the central state and services offered to citizens “.

TEVEA calls on “political parties to immediately realize that their decisions affect the standard of living of citizens and determine the future of future generations. “We call on everyone to show due seriousness and due respect to the citizens of this country, who expect a substantial reform and not partisan colored local authorities.”

The Company expects “the Municipalities and Communities of the province of Famagusta to react strongly to the specific scenario promoted by the House of Representatives, as it undermines the economic survival and future of the province and especially the hinterland.”

Once again, concludes the announcement of TEVEA “we express the position that the best scenario for the residents of the province of Famagusta is the creation of a Municipality, to which will be transferred the necessary responsibilities and powers that allow the development and prosperity of all.”

Source: www.philenews.com

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