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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The 2023 deficit budget of OKYPY was approved by the Parliament

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Εγκρiθηκε απ τη Βουλor ο ελλειμματικoς προDπο&lambda ;ογισμoς του ΟΚΥπΥ για το 2023

The Parliament unanimously approved the budget of the State Health Services Organization (OKYpY) for 2023, which is in deficit.

A report of the Parliamentary Health Committee on the matter states that the OKYpY  budget for the year 2023 foresees total expenses of €725,915,015 and revenues of €659,934,758, which will come from state sponsorship (€27,820,000), Services of General Economic Interest (YGOS), Public Health Services and Services to Competent Authorities (€92,180,000), as well as from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (€19,500,000), the provision of outpatient health care (€70,000,000), the provision of in-hospital health care (€255,000,000), registration of patients with the personal physicians of the Health and Medical Center (€15,160,000), compensation for Phase B medicines of the National Health Service (€126,000,000), as well as from other sources (€54,280. 000).

The budgeted expenses of the OKYPY for the year 2023 mainly concern staff salaries (€77,510,000), which are intended to cover positions for staffing the organization, new positions for administrative, medical, paramedical, secretarial and accounting staff, which will help the organization to operate in the fully competitive environment of the NHS through the creation of correct structures with specialized staff and knowledge, so that the organization can meet the requirements of the relevant legislative framework, and positions for the existing staff who will resign from the public service and sign a contract with the organization.

Also, the budgeted expenses of OKYpY for the year 2023 mainly concern the provision of incentives (€8,940,000) to personal physicians to register a number of beneficiaries, so that the organization has income from the Health Insurance Organization (OHI), while at the same time connecting productivity with remuneration of personal physicians, to medical specialists in relation to inpatient and outpatient health care, as provided for in the agreement of the organization with the medical associations, and on a horizontal basis in relation to the indicators of achievement of goals per clinic.

In addition, the expenses concern hourly staff (€46,000,000), operating expenses (€197,470,000), maintenance and repairs (€19,570,000), consulting services (€258,280,000), purchase of fixed and mobile machinery (€ 29,530,000), purchase of mechanical and electronic equipment (€18,930,000) and construction, extension and improvement of buildings (€74,800,000).

According to the data submitted to the Commission by the Ministry of Health, because the budget of OKYpY for the year 2023 is in deficit, the board of directors of OKYpY intends to seek, to the extent possible, savings in its operating expenses and an increase in its revenues.

Deputies of DISY and DIPA welcomed the projects launched by OKYpY  and expressed support for OKypY 's effort to upgrade public hospitals. They also said that in the midst of a pandemic, hospitals and staff carried out their mission and welcomed the running of children's TAEP. MPs of EDEK criticized various issues concerning OKYpY, but they welcomed the soon implementation of the daily care unit for cancer patients at Larnaca Hospital, a request that, as mentioned, had been pending for years.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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