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The 23-year-old fugitive who escaped from the TAE of Larnaca has been surrendered

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Παραδθηκε ο 23&chi ;ρονος δραπετης που το εσκασε απ το ΤΑΕ Λαρνακας

He surrendered on Friday afternoon, the 23-year-old who escaped from the TAE Larnaca, last Tuesday night. 

According to the Police, the 23-year-old surrendered at around 6:00 pm on Friday, three days after his escape from the Larnaca Prison. According to information, the 23-year-old contacted the Police Headquarters and stated that he wanted to surrender. The 23-year-old was awaited by members of the Police at the entrance of the Headquarters, they arrested him and then his interrogation began.

Tomorrow he is expected to be brought before the Larnaca District Court. booth in the province of Larnaca and the offense of escaping from legal custody.

It is recalled that two police officers have been suspended for this case. After reporting the facts, the Chief of Police suspended two members of the Force, one of whom was on the shift when the 23-year-old escaped, while the second was on the previous one and had studied before the escape.

According to information, one member of the Force was in the area where the suspect who had been arrested was located a little earlier, however, at some point he seems to have escaped his attention, as a result of which the 23-year-old jumped from the rear door, onto the roof of an adjacent building and run away.

As for the second Policeman, it was decided that he should be suspended, because it was the member who put the handcuffs on him, which were not handcuffs, but on the front of his body.< /p>

The availability in question caused strong comments among the members, since it is a Policeman, from the previous shift and during the essential time at the time of the escape, he was not on duty.

However, the responsibility is attributed for the way he was handcuffed.

It is noted that this is not the first escape from the hands of the Police in recent years, since the number exceeds 15. 

Indeed , the Police themselves, consider that they are the traitors scapegoats, since they believe that there are gaps and the understaffing of the front line creates problems. As for example, according to what is being reported, during last night's escape, two Policemen were serving at the TAE Larnaca. 

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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