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The 30-year-old who lives by selling junk – How much does he make?

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Every day brings him a different surprise, he tells CNBC.

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<p>A 30-year-old man from Australia found treasure in the trash, as last year he made 100,000 Australian dollars (over 62,000 euros) by selling items that others threw in the bins.</p>
<p>Leonardo Urbano has found Fendi bags, coffee machines, gold jewelry, money and many other valuables in the trash.</p>
<p>Every morning, after breakfast, Urbano takes his car or bike and drives around on the streets of Sydney, rummaging through rubbish. Every day brings him a different surprise, he tells CNBC.</p>
<p>“You can see mountains of things, literally mountains. And that's when I find most things. That's where the big items are, like fridges and wardrobes and sofas.”</p>
<p>Urbano makes a habit of taking furniture and other bulky items that Australians leave on the pavement, for the municipal services to collect. He also often finds computers, Dyson vacuum cleaners and televisions, which are usually still in good condition.</p>
<p>As he explains, households with more purchasing power often throw away their older gadgets when they get the newest model, even if they still work. Also, foreign students returning home are forced to throw away items such as computers because it is too expensive to transport them.</p>
<p>Other times, what he finds needs some work, such as cleaning or some repairs.</p >
<p>Urbano brings his finds home, selects a few to keep or give away, and sells the rest on platforms like Facebook Marketplace.</p>
<p>Since he doesn't have much space in his apartment, he usually tries to have each item sold within 1-2 weeks. If something doesn't find a buyer, she gives it away to make room for new finds.</p>
<p>“My friends are shocked at how many clothes end up in the trash when they're in perfect condition,” she says. In fact, sometimes he even finds money forgotten in the pockets of these discarded clothes.</p>
<p>He recently sold a small Fendi bag for about $200. He has also found a painting by Dapeng Liu, a two-time Archibald Prize finalist, valued at $3,000.</p>
<p>In the past year he has found:</p>
<ul style=

  • Over 50 TVs
  • 30 refrigerators
  • Over 20 washing machines
  • 50 computers/laptops
  • Up to 15 sofas
  • 50 vacuum cleaners
  • Over 150 pots and plants
  • Over 100 lamps and paintings
  • $849 in cash
  • Urbano has been scavenging for four years and pays his rent with that money. He has also furnished his apartment without spending anything.

    Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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